There are some brook trout in its uppermost headwaters. Tough for him to get away and as you can imagine with a pregnant wife and 6 year old daughter not much free time for me either. These wild rainbows were full of energy, running and jumping all over the place and this 12 inch rainbow was twice as mean. Knowing I only had about 2 hours I opted for a short stretch of a stream that most people don’t realize is open to public fishing. Well one of my friends is one of our guides and the other… found the true light! YEARLY ACTIVITIES. I’m sure he’ll have a few new patterns tied up for us to “test”. They have been eating a variety of flies, from beetles to hoppers to parachute sulfurs. ie Golden Retrievers who were having a great time in the mountains. 2014 Report. Started with a beadhead early black stone size 12, then a size 12 bh pheasant tail, size 10 bh hare’s ear, size 12 copper john and finished the day using a size 8 bh hare’s ear. To view our inventory browse our on-line fly shop 24 hours a day. Wilson Creek Fly Fishing … During periods of none generation (minimum flow) the fish have been very active. Carl is one of those guys you meet and you realize this is a good dude within a few seconds. This stream was our slip out of work and hit for few hours before dark stream. The most common trout species caught are the Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, and the Brown Trout. Full of hungry little wild bows willing to eat a not so well presented dry fly. CFFC Meetings. Carl fished the fly all day long! It's all you can do to dabble the fly off the water in some spots. I had tried to fly fish as a kid but at the age of 18, two friends and I decided to go at it full force. Delayed Harvest is here – stocking this week! Its hard being the bearer of bad news, but it is bad out there! But the stretch that I learned how to fly fish on is on NC Gamelands and is open to fishing although not listed in the regulations book. He catches some brown but his big fish always seems to be a big bow. We always started in this hole, which was the most open water on the stream and is just upstream of the bridge where we accessed the stream. Under Bridge. Spending Sunday with my wife and daughter, not sure doing what but I’m sure they will keep me busy! 2012 Report. Copyright © 2006 - 2012 Carolina Fly Fishing Club, (NEW) Fly Fishing Articles & How-to Videos. The Commission conspicuously marks Public Mountain Trout Waters with regulation signs Another thing I noticed was just how far my equipment had come… from an  Eagle Claw rod and Martin reel to $1000 plus outfit with the latest greatest fly line! Spent last Sunday fishing with my buddy and WCO guide Chad Stevens and had a blast. Release Form, Carolina Fly Fishing Club PO Box 3451 Huntersville, NC 28070, All right reserved. Looking forward to spending the day on the water chasing smallies with my brother tomorrow. Not sure how many smallies actually came to hand but we sure hooked many. So I took the opportunity to slip away to a near by stream, I say near by because with gas prices so damn high I wanted to stay close to home. Last Saturday my house was about to be taken over by 40 women… sounds like a good thing right?? 2018 Report . We fished a nice western NC stream that Chad fishes offer and for good reason. Was able to get Carl casting the fly within a few inches of where he wanted it to land and went about the fishing. The weather was the best it could possible be so my wife, son and me headed out to Upper Wilson Creek. 2018 Report . This is where the passion took hold!!! So we headed that way with boat in tow and discussed catching a few trout on the fly. 2012 Report. CFFC Education Programs. As usual this stream did not disappoint. At one point I had a size 10 Stimulator for my dry fly and a size 8 bh Hare’s Ear for my dropper. Jim has fished with several times before and I just can’t get him to understand that the Catawba tailrace is a brown trout fishery. If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to drop us a line at Store hours 10-2 M-F -- Online @ 24/7 EZ link to book your Catawba River tailrace fishing trip. Justin Shytle. Caldwell               Wilson Creek                2                                   2 Resources Commission and are man aged for public trout fishing. 2019 Report. Checked out the water on my way back out for our trip coming up in two days and saw the section I wanted us to fish. I fished about 3 minutes before I landed a wild rainbow about 8" long. The world is fortunate to have guys like Carl. I then moved 60 yards down below where I first started and fished back up. 2011 Report. We managed several nice trout using a dry dropper rig (stimulator dry and black stone nymph dropper). This was a good sign of things to come. On to the fishing…. Here’s a quick video of a client landing a fattie brown on a black stone! On its upper end, Wilson Creek plummets cold and clear as a small to medium sized stream through a steep wooded valley on Pisgah Game Lands. Fly fishing adventures at Wilson Creek and on the Johns River. Lunch will not be provided. trout fishing opportunities in western North Carolina are located on private property. Sweet rentals and home places just down the road, Most recent instantaneous value: 4.11   09-20-2012  10:15 EDT. Carl wanted to use his 60′s model fiberglass flyrod which is all well and good but this rod just didn’t have enough backbone to keep these hard fighters on the hook. Then on my second cast I hooked a tree behind me and came back to reality… things had not changed that much I was still getting hung up in the trees! I had tried to fly fish as a kid but at the age of 18, two friends and I decided to go at it full force. First three cast….. THREE fish – one brown, one bow and a sweet fatty brook trout. Jim is a very knowledgeable trout fisherman and an accomplished fly tier. TROUT FISHING Trout Fishing at Wilson Creek Trout anglers should delight in the transformation. It was a great day on the water for sure. slick bottom and some BIG rocks to crawl around, over and sometimes under. As we crossed the bridge to his cabin I assure Carl I could put him on trout in that water any day of the week. Ended up showing him 5 fish from that hole before we called it a day. As I mentioned above my dry fly was a size 10 Yellow Stimulator and for the record I caught 6 fish on the dry! Carl even decided to give up the wacky worm on his spinning rod and give fly fishing a try. Looking forward to the next time already. With 6 miles of river to fish before our take out this was a good start. For this trip I fished the following…. Wilson Creek, North Carolina fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Dropped Carl off at the cabin, met his wife and two children…. Wrong… they were assenting on our house for a baby shower. A significant amount of Delayed Harvest streams will be stocked this week! We will meet for lunch at the Forest Service's Mortimer Campground picnic shelter at 12:00. WOW things sure have changed. This was Carl’s first trip “on the fly”… yes he finally decided to learn fly fishing. My dropper fly changed several times during the day and I caught fish on every one of them. Unfortunatly I was too far away from my wife and she couldn't bring me the camera, uhhhh.

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