Traditionally, entire growing areas are fertilized in the same way, without taking into account local variations and micro conditions that may occur. There is also a strong link between changing patterns of land use and economic and social conditions, particularly in regional Australia. environments are not well developed. 6.1 Natural resources, especially those of soil, water, plant and animal diversity, vegetation cover, renewable energy sources, climate, and ecosystem services are fundamental for the structure and function of agricultural systems and for social and environmental sustainability, in support of life on earth. Can biotechnology help meet the growing demand for food? resolve NRM exploitation issues, such as the mitigation of soil By gauging the footprint of agricultural products, growers and distributors can clearly understand where emissions are highest and lowest, and how to focus emission reduction at points of greatest possible impact. Ultimately, we aim for the triple win of promoting food security, mitigating climate change and strengthening resilience of agricultural systems. University of Washington outlines how ancient Chinese civilizations used worms to produce silk. Applications to our Small Grants in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems program are due February 15, 2021. associated with the complexity of food and other production How climate change will impact specific regions is still debated by scientists. The vision is that it and its followers ultimately master every step of the growing process. Smarter tractors, harvesting and sowing technology is already established in many places, in the form of agricultural machinery equipped with GPS positioning and sensor technology, which use geographical information systems as a basis for adapting measures continuously as they move across the fields. We also help control slash and burn shifting agriculture and open burning practices. Prospero, a prototype of such a robot, is capable already of planting. ecosystem services are Precision agriculture is a collective term for several techniques and methods – but the common denominator is customizable: interventions tailored to the needs at a certain time in a certain place. Sustainable water management will require maximizing efficiency at the farm level, as well as regional and statewide management plans that seek to protect agriculture as a vital California resource. Modern agriculture has become more advanced and relies on machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, sprayers and much more. security. Its website offers detailed information on its efforts, as well as resources for consumers. This would also mean reducing soil erosion, plowing needs, and improve soil quality by leaving worms and microbes undisturbed. Combined with hyper-local weather forecasting, the models become even more precise. resolution of natural resource challenges will demand new and Maintaining natural habitat is a critical aspect of the long-term pathway toward more sustainable food systems and land use, especially in the tropical forest regions. Food Safety and Inspection Service ”Agricultural technology to feed the world”, 2013-10-14. This government agency is tasked with ensuring the safety of the U.S. food supply. The United States Department of Agriculture has an excellent explanation of the challenges facing tree farmers. There are many promising approaches that are in development, from the very large-scale perspective down to the individual farm, and the future of sustainable agriculture will – no matter what it looks like in general – is certain to build on this new technological opportunity for increased precision and tailored measures. Many analysts believe that mineable phosphate reserves in the future will become a scarce commodity and a limiting factor for agriculture. Sensors in the soil can measure quantities such as humidity, temperature and light influx. Phosphorus is very common in the earth’s crust, but the recovery, as it looks today, is primarily through mining in phosphate mines. © 2020 Global Environment Facility, All Rights Reserved. scales, the misuse of natural capital can be reversed and the This site looks more specifically at the history of American agriculture after the arrival of Europeans. AKST [Agricultural Knowledge Science and Technology] to These tours provide in-depth information about each industry. judicious use and renewal of water bodies, soils, This New York Times article discusses how transporting agricultural products around the world impacts the environment. Managing farms and agricultural landscapes to build and use ecosystem services is an essential component of sustainability. often available and well understood. The Impact Program on Food Systems, Land Use, and Restoration offers a timely opportunity for addressing the underlying drivers of unsustainable food systems and land use change by helping countries take a more holistic and system-wide approach The Program’s focus on deforestation-free commodities accelerates and scales up efforts to eliminate deforestation and other habitat conversion from agricultural supply chains — which accounts for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. Forskning & Framsteg (2010). Cleantech Scandinavia More and more, we are realizing the value of healthy ecosystems for agriculture. Engineering and Technology Magazine (2013). covered as other aspects of NRM, Source & ©: IAASTD Healthy on-farm ecosystems can also play a role in providing services outside of agriculture, such wildlife habitat and groundwater quality.

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