Maybe they were picky eaters, or maybe they hated tapas, I don’t know. Please Share & Spread the Love of Latin Foods! Turrón has been very popular for centuries, even outside of Spain. According to the EL PAIS, the Spanish turron generates about €400 million a year. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. The first Turron was made about 500 years ago in the Spanish town of Jijona. Or to truly immerse yourself into Spanish culture, read about Spain’s iconic Jamón Ibérico. Grinding at home is always preferred to buying almond flow. It is simple and easy provided you follow the necessary procedure; When making the Alicante Turron, this is the first step to undertake. You cannot know about turron without understanding the Moorish Conquests in the early middle ages. This is the right toasting capacity for turron almonds. Start spreading the mix through the mold, making sure you cover every single space of the mold. It is a simple procedure that won’t be too challenging as long as you use the right ingredients. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This honey-sweet nougat is seriously tasty—and people go nuts for it in December. How turron is made determines its texture, color, and taste. You can also take a look at my picks for the nine best Spanish desserts in the country! 19 Types of Flavorful Spanish Desserts That You Ought Not Miss - Flavorverse. Hi, I'm David, the brains and tongue behind the Everyday Food Blog, as well as a sommelier and food & wine writer based in Melbourne. The recommended heat should be somewhere around 140F. We still recommend you trying to make it, as the satisfaction once is done is incredible. Both, turrón de Jijona and turrón de Alicante have denominations of origin, the main difference between them is that while Jijona's is soft, the nougat from Alicante is hard. Below, we provide the recipe for turrón blando. Turron can be classified based on recipes and ingredients used in the preparation. Beat the egg white until stiff and mix gently with the syrup. If you are interested in any of the brands above you can shop for turron at our website and find other traditional Spanish Christmas desserts like mantecados, polvorones, peladillas and more. Besides turron de Alicante, this is the most popular form of Turron that you will come across. Alicante turron is made using honey from the Valencia community. Heat the white mixture at a low to medium heat while stirring constantly. It is the result of a clever blend of honey, sugar, egg white, and almonds or hazelnuts. This is why, up to date, this food is more prevalent during Christmas than any other time. Keep the candies away from humidity to avoid softening. These treats are pleasantly sweet and creamy made with the best ingredients and recipes. During its preparation, the almonds undergo a chopping process to reduce some essential oil before a softening process. Whip the egg white to a thick glossy meringue. Cook over low heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. To make it, mix chopped, roasted almonds with honey and simmer over heat. These ingredients will give you a unique meal; Get the right quantities of each equipment to get the right candy. After that, there is “Extra,” “Estándar” (standard) and “Popular.” Contact Us - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. Amigofoods was founded in 2003 and is the largest online grocery store offering a wide variety of hard to find freshly imported foods & drinks from all over Latin America and Spain. It’s as Spanish as sun, siesta, and long waits at the post office. When the caramel is thick, stir in the cinnamon and the lemon zest. The other most popular turron in Spain is the hard turron, known as Turron de Alicante. With just three basic ingredients, this is another great example of the simple perfection of Spanish cuisine. Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time, with nativity adorned throughout the cities and eateries serving up classic Spanish dishes. As you stir, the mixture will increase in volume, condense and change color to orange. To make it, mix chopped, roasted almonds with honey and simmer over heat. When the moisture content is low, it gets hard and brittle upon cooling. The only way you won’t end up trying some is if the grannies in the grocery store knock you down and trample you underfoot in their rush to get to it first. This is a simple method on how to make the hard Spanish nougat. You add the beaten egg whites to bind the mixture, and mould it into bricks. You can use a mixer, but toast the almonds in the oven before and do it little by little and with short time in the mixer, otherwise they will get oily, In a frying pan put the honey and sugar. In a mixer, add the almonds, the sugar, the honey and the white chocolate together and mix it. You’ll find two types of turrón in Spain; hard and soft. Later, you can go ahead and add the almonds. Because of that, we have included easy recipes for you to prepare it. There are less references available for turrón de Alicante - Alicante nougat- as the Agramunt archives were destroyed during the Napoleonic wars, so it becomes difficult to document nougat's history in this region before the 18th century, however by that time it was already a tradition, and historians believe that the origin might be as old as Jijona's. Ensure you have a candy thermometer to regulate the amount of heat on the mixture. Turron is among the most popular treats ever witnessed in history, and how it gained popularity is impressive. It gives the final seal to manufacturers who use the original and traditional recipes and ingredients. There are at least two dozen turron manufacturers in Spain. Add lemon zest and cinnamon into the pan and remove from fire. The turron de Jijona or also known as turron blando, is one of the most popular types of turron. Even more specifically, it comes from two places with the province; Alicante city, and the small town of Jijona. Grind till you get the right quantity of flour. Stir and add the ground almonds. The Denominacion de Origen is the body that checks and regulates qualities of turron. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Both types are easy to prepare, you just have to be ready to stir. Add the water and prepare a syrup. Like many other Spanish foods the Moorish gastronomic heritage is precedent in the case of nougat, since we know that honey and almonds were products typically consumed by them. Your turron de Jijona recipe is done, enjoy it!! Add the egg white into the mixture and stir continuously to ensure it’s well mixed. There are two traditional types: Turrón duro: a thick almond nougat candy shaped into a rectangular tablet, Turrón blando: a smooth almond nougat candy, similar to an almond paste shaped into a rectangular tablet. This type of turron doesn’t have the seal from the regulating body. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. There are three qualities of Spanish turrón; The turron you make falls under one of these three categories. As mentioned previously, these two types are the best selling turrones in the Spanish market. Also known as turron duro, it is widely preferred in the area of Alicante, Spain. So, the next time you’re in Spain (Christmas or not!) Its color is white and is hard as a rock so be careful with your first bite. To get the top quality, “suprema” designation, turrón must be made in these towns, from at 60% Spanish almonds and local honey. The almond flour in the local stores can be impure or crushed in the wrong manner. On your Christmas dinner you should always find the Spanish turron blando and the hard one. It's origin it's most likely Moorish. Your turron duro is ready, we recommend you to wrap it in cooking paper and keep it far from humid areas so it stays hard. (This is a real thing. Another tip to have in mind when eating turron is to remember that the hard turron is really hard and you don´t want to break your teeth. This type of turron is also be referred to as turron blando. After that period, your turron will be ready to eat. Find my recipe for turrón here! To determine whether the candy is ready, pour a small content into the cold water. This should be done over low heat while stirring until all sugar dissolves into the honey.

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