She isn’t after your money, neither is she after fame or connections. Your girlfriend should not only be nice to you. Daily boasts that her man scrapes the ice off her windshield on cold winter mornings! At this point, it's okay to play footsie under the table. 23. Compromise is a non-negotiable part of any union if the relationship must work out. She should be quick to forgive and let go of any record of wrongs once the issue has been settled. Look for a woman who knows how to handle herself on her own. ALSO READ: 12 Distinct Signs of a Good Girlfriend, Love & Relationship Good Girlfriend, love tips, qualities of a good girlfriend, relationship advice, relationship tips. "Good manners are a deeper window into what kind of man he truly is," Daily says. She cares for him even in simple ways like; cooking a healthy meal, getting him some medicine or bringing him soup when he is sick, embracing him after a long day, and/or giving him a relaxing massage to get rid of stress. You should also have compatible views on money (which is the number one thing couples fight about). The way a person treats other people speaks volumes of his or her real personality. She keeps the relationship glowing by giving inside jokes that no one else in your social circle gets. Her sincere apology allows her partner to know that she is not proud of what she did, and will do her best possible to avoid repeating such behaviors. When women have sex, they release a hormone called oxytocin (also referred to as "the cuddle hormone"), which some scientific researchers believe makes women feel extra warm and fuzzy for their sex partners. Your email address will not be published. It is a strong feeling of allegiance and the quality of being faithful to someone – especially your spouse, which also entails staying firm in your relationship. Even if she meets someone more handsome or successful than you, she would not be entertaining him because of her commitment to your relationship. One of the ways on how to be a good girlfriend is to practice gratitude. Thanks for the read! 25. She inspires you to be a better person. Quality #7 To Be A Perfect Girlfriend: Being Genuine . She must be honest at all times, and you know would not be divulging your secrets to anyone else–even when you are not in good terms. In today’s society, not everyone needs to believe in God. There will be days when he’ll come home to you and tell you about the horrible day he’s been having, and all he’d want is your willingness to put your own cares aside for a while and listen. Some girls can be impolite and rude to the common man by the gate, the waiter in that restaurant, the street sweeper, or even talk sarcastically to the little one begging for alms. 21. She is smart. However, a girl who wants to know how to be a better girlfriend emotionally must be easy to entreat. She understands you are not perfect and gives you more time to mature, hoping you will eventually change. Of course, again, he should do the same for you. Someone with strong ethics, integrity, honor, and a moral foundation. If on your list of qualities that make her wifey material you have ... To quickly understand what I mean, take your girlfriend for a early morning bike ride, before the sun even rises. 15. The person with such beautiful qualities of a good girlfriend shouldn’t be taken for granted. However, if you are considering to spend a lifetime with that woman, make sure that she is someone whose attitude you can handle. Find a partner who can encourage you during times when everything seems to go wrong. She takes care of you. She is herself when around you. She is not jealous and possessive. She would not keep you hidden even on social media. 17. It might not be exactly what she wants but is nonetheless fair to both of you. If she has never introduced you to any of her peeps and when you bump into one of them, they’ve never heard of you, there is definitely a problem. And even if there is a falling out at some point, and you dislike each other, she will never go public with it, neither will she use them as a means to hurt you. Make A Huge Difference In Your Relationship. You probably don’t get why it’s so important for him to analyze the actions of every soccer player on the team, and even if you cannot give a solution to his struggles, it is a big help for him by just having someone who listens to his rants, frustrations, and happiness. To recognize the positive virtues and good doings of your man. She chooses to forgive and forget. She is trustworthy. She knows how to say “sorry”. She is goal-oriented—and will help you stay on track too. "But that's not to say that he starves when I'm out of town." She is not insecure. This (compromise) occurs when two partners agree by each offering to meet somewhere. If the woman by your side has these six qualities and behaviors, you know you have found a wife- material, and you should hasten up to pop the question before any man takes your chance. 12. In other words, she is someone you can freely express your feelings and concerns. Men are visual creatures and whether you like to admit it or not, the fact is that a lady’s physical appearance matters. She may find herself questioning the relationship every step of the way. She should be able to tell you exactly how she’s feeling towards you and why. She believes in your potentials and will not question your capacity to reach your dreams. When the relationship gets more serious, and presumably more intimate, sexual touch and public displays of affection are more appropriate. have a way of shaping our lives. You may not understand half of his technology-related problems he encountered at the workshop. Find a girl who has a sense of humor or, at least, knows how to make you laugh when you are down. She wouldn’t nag at him when he reaches rock bottom, instead, she provides warmth, comfort, and understanding when he is stressed or upset. A girl who can be straightforward with what she feels and thinks is someone who knows her value. How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage -10 Tips You’ve Never Heard Of, How To Attract A Man Of Your Dreams -13 Things He Wish You Knew, 12 Best Ted Talks On Relationships You Need To Listen To, How To Spice Up Your Marriage To Bring Back The Honeymoon Phase. The right woman won’t be found in a girl. "You don't expect your boyfriend to be your entire existence," says Daily. Patience (which is an antidote for both anger and stress) helps her show her special one that she values him and the relationship enough to see beyond his faults and it allows her to stay gathered and make the relationship work. All she does is to stand by him – whether it be in form of providing him with information to help him understand a situation, or helping him complete a physical task or achieve a goal. Confidence is believing in/and feeling comfortable in your true-self, knowing you have worth. He wants to see a young, vibrant woman who deliberately takes care of her mental, emotional, and physical health. Someone who displays the qualities of a good girlfriend knows how to take responsibility for her shortcomings. 10. "It's as if he doesn't even know where the kitchen is," she says. Now, she is determined to help other single gals do the same. When you find a girl who has a sense of humor, or at least, knows how to make you laugh, it makes the atmosphere lighter and happier even if some things go wrong or even turn for the worse. She must be a woman who knows how to save money, weighs the pros and cons of her plans carefully, and decides according to what will be beneficial in the long run more than what she desires at the moment. She does not humiliate you in the public, calls you “stupid” or “lame” whenever you fail at something, and undermine your decisions. Sometimes it can indeed be impossible or unavoidable to have a relationship without having any emotional pain because we’re all humans and all imperfect. It means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. Of all the qualities of a good girlfriend, this is the utmost because a man’s highest need is to feel respect. She does what she knows he likes – just because he likes them, and because she wants him to be happy. Once you are perfect girlfriend material, you will attract the right man. For the men, I believe with these tips you can tell when next you see a good girlfriend. She also flirts by using nonsexual touch like placing her hand on his forearm or even the knee but only briefly.

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