At a laboratory in Manhattan, researchers have discovered how SARS-CoV-2 uses our defenses against us. Ways to contact Academic & Personal Development Support Services. "If a student isn't following the proper protocol, if they're being warned numerous times, then disciplinary actions have to occur," he said. The state is now requiring colleges to switch to remote learning if 100 people on campus, or 5% of the on-campus population, test positive in a two-week period. I read out the numbers: positive cases, hospitalizations, patients on ventilators, first responders in quarantine, deaths. Still, the superintendents seemed to be looking to me for guidance. After my conversation with Ekstrand, I walked out into the early-afternoon sunshine and, at my daily briefing, announced the twenty-second straight day of declining COVID-19 hospitalizations. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. State officials are also working to increase their intensive care unit (ICU) bed capacity from the current 3,000 statewide to between 18,000 and 37,000 to meet anticipated demand for treating patients seriously ill with coronavirus in the coming weeks. Now we did our best to cut through the confusion and speak to the most vulnerable. Some delays entering campus must therefore be anticipated. For those students who, after consulting with their academic and financial aid advisors, decide that a letter grade is not the best outcome, the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) option deadline is being extended for this semester only. When he’s not editing, getting hassled by The Man or fielding cold calls to the newsroom, he covers crime, general interest and political news in addition to reporting longer, sometimes investigative features. That meant that, because the coronavirus is so often asymptomatic, most infected people in the city were going untested, and their contacts were going untraced. The State University of New York is ratcheting up efforts to stop COVID-19 from spreading on its campuses, introducing new sanctions for students who violate health and safety protocols designed to combat the pandemic. CARES Act grants available for eligible students for expenses related to COVID-19 54th Commencement Ceremony of SUNY Old Westbury The virtual Commencement Ceremony will begin on Sunday, November 22, 2020 at 6 p.m. Instead of shaking hands, I stuck out my elbow to bump—a wise move, I thought, given the viral threat. The pandemic has changed education on Long Island. The store manager continues to work remotely and can be reached by email, ©State University of New York at Old Westbury. We began searching for ventilators and other supplies. I’m a Democrat, and the county legislature is Republican; still, we worked together to get the grants in a matter of days, funnelling the money to food banks and Island Harvest, a nonprofit. Counties, not states, are the governmental entities on the front lines of the pandemic. Home Campuses By clicking Sign up, you agree to our privacy policy. But if such warnings go unheeded, he said, the sanctions are justified. Our tracing corp had become a well-oiled machine: when a teen-ager who’d gone to three parties in three days tested positive, we found all of her hundred contacts, moving steadily from friend to friend. Evlyn Tsimis, the deputy county executive for economic development, told me that we should apply for half a million dollars in grants through a federal community-development program. We also checked in on those who were isolated or quarantined—calling them, dropping by their houses, asking them to wave from a window. What grading policies will apply in spring 2020? On Friday, March 13th—two days after my meeting with the school superintendents—I learned that declaring a state of emergency would allow me to close the schools myself. What our staff is reading, watching, and listening to each week. I decided it was the best option. SUNY students from Long Island said the new measures are harsh but fair, given the circumstances. The last truck arrived on April 14th. Find out how. At that point, Long Island had met five of the seven goals laid out by Governor Cuomo for phased, regional reopening. All rights reserved. An announcement about a rescheduled date will be made to all members of the Class of 2020 and the campus community when available. Help, LI bidding wars rage amid low inventory, mortgage rates, Hampton Bays, Riverhead, Great Neck, Massapequa Park now yellow zones, LI hospitals seeing more COVID-19 patients, amid holiday concerns, Two NYPD cops from Long Island expected to recover after Queens gunfight, NY monitoring 'troubling spikes,' as LI districts warn schools may shut. SUNY College at Old Westbury. We took our workers out of their comfort zones; almost no one complained. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. sound so concerned, and they’ve been through SARS, MERS, H1N1.” He paused. NYIT is primarily a commuter school with most students residing off-campus. But learning how to fight the virus hasn’t been easy. Practically no one was catching it while shopping in a store where everyone was masked; on the other hand, nearly a quarter of the new cases were traced to people who’d travelled to states with big outbreaks. Bryce Mack, a SUNY New Paltz junior from Westbury, said colleges should warn students before doling out harsh punishments. protocols for flu pandemic.” I explained that, according to those protocols, closing schools is the last thing that a district should do in a flu-type pandemic: it’s easier to contain the virus when kids are in class, instead of hanging out with friends or being watched by their grandparents. 13) that all regular and postseason play for the 2020 spring … Residential students must provide a negative test result when classes resume at the Garden City campus in January. “If that trend continues, that means we are entering the plateau.” It took me a moment to process what he was saying. Not everyone in Nassau County agrees with one another. No. All librarians are available for help electronically, via email or virtual meeting. However, if you must come to campus, strict social distancing practices must be followed. (In the month of April, our sales-tax receipts fell by thirty per cent.). Businesses, foundations, faith groups, schools, and individual people dropped off boxes of masks, gloves, gowns, and sanitizer. I began visiting businesses, gyms, shops, restaurants, bowling alleys, pools, beaches, movie theatres, and hotels, talking with proprietors about their reopening protocols; I saw firsthand the sanitizing, social-distancing, and air-filtration measures they were putting in place. How can I access software I need to use for my classes (e.g. What kinds of space are we willing to. Since every attempt has been made to provide alternatives for face-to-face laboratory instruction, please contact your professor before visiting the campus. It is offering free COVID-19 testing to all students leaving campus before Thanksgiving, according to university spokeswoman Karla Schuster, adding, "In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s recommendation, Hofstra has advised all students who are leaving the area at the end of the semester that they should get a COVID-19 test up to nine days prior to their departure.". “You know your schools and your communities better than anyone,” I said. Contact Newsday | I’ll never forget how hundreds of masked people, holding empty bags, waited quietly in a line that snaked for block after block. To ask questions or report issues with the functionality of Blackboard or the campus email system, please send an email to servicedesk [at] Governor Cuomo’s executive orders and timelines supersede anything I can do locally. “There will always be risk,” I said, at one of my Saturday briefings. Nassau County, where I was elected the county executive, in 2017, is home to more than 1.3 million people. Electronic resources of the Library are available 24 hours a day. Today, we’re in a different position. This fall, most school districts in Nassau County were able to reopen. Within a few weeks, the number of residents applying for food stamps doubled. Not long afterward, the state began breaking down its mortality statistics by ethnicity. Since March, 52,897 Nassau County residents have tested positive for the virus, and 2,226 have died.

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