Of course, the octopus was cooked perfectly! Check out our experience at Nahm in Bangkok, Thailand. It really is unethical for such a highly regarded and expensive restaurant. Das erinnerte an ein Wirtshaus. These came with tortillas to make softshell crab tacos. The new location is a 10-15 minute drive away. Read on for more about our experience. Please try another date or time. A doorman greeted me on the sidewalk. more. The first few courses were better than the rest, but I have no complaints about it. Thankfully, we had a whole weekend of eating to go! Quintonil is a 5 star...so Pujol can only be a 4 star! If you want more fine dining options, check out Sud777, Nicos, Biko, Rosetta, and Maximo Bistrot. Creative Küche, sicher eines der besten in Mexiko. Starter: Salbut with wild mushrooms confit. Closest of the alternative menu of a 1 star in London and at the same price. The mojito arrived, followed by quelites aromatica, an aromatic tea that tasted more like soup broth. I admit, this was a bad decision on my part and I recommend not doing this! Service was so efficient. Einige Gänge sind hervorragend bei anderen stimmt sowohl die Harmonie der Zutaten als auch der Gargrad nicht (Fisch). The inside was cozy and inviting, modern and organic all at once. If you are a potential client, I would be aware of this especially if you are in a high risk group and at the minimum ask for a seat outside or in the corner near the entrance / exit.More, When you are meant to be the best Mexican restaurant in the world the bar is set extremely high . To ensure seating, book ahead by phone or through their website. The way the moles differ yet interact together with your taste buds was a culinary adventure. That would be interesting. Das nahmen wir jedoch auf unsere Kappe, zu viele Menschen sind von diesem Gang begeistert, er entspricht wohl unseren persönlichen Vorstellungen nicht. Bereits im Wartebereich fiel uns die extrem laute Geräuschkulisse auf, was sich drinnen bestätigte. Usually the one that is in second place...try's harder....and jumps into first place!More, Continuos to be one of Mexico’s finest. I barely had time to type a few words into my iPhone before each new dish arrived. I was looking at this a few weeks ago as of 8/2017 it's M$1835,or about US$103 for their tasting menu before drinks. Für Vegetarier Geeignet, Vegane Speisen, Glutenfreie Speisen. A most have experience in Mexico.More, Overall it was a very good experience. desserts. We ordered a la carte because of our limited timing. This is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the world and you feel that in every course of the menu. The intimate atmosphere is a departure from the much larger Astrid & Gaston in Lima, the only other restaurant I've been to from the list of the world's 50 best restaurants. Ambient, mit Ausnahme der Beleuchtung, modern und inspirierend.Mehr, Essen sehr durchschnittlich, zu enge und zu spezielle Auswahl, schlechter Service, deutlich überrissene Preise, gutes Ambiente, mexikanisch, Wir hatten einen Tisch um 9:30 uhr reserviert. Typically I am not too worried about the virus but Pujol was so ridiculous with this that it absolutely destroyed the experience. I have never been in a restaurant during COVID, in both the US and Mexico, that packs so many people in such a small area, all within touching distance from one another. The restaurant was small, just 13 tables, which was a number chosen for its luck. We went in wide-eyed and eager to be enlightened. it is expensive, it felt well worth the price for the care the they take with everything that is served. I commented about arriving a few minutes early, but he didn't hesitate to walk me inside, where several tables were already being serviced. I somehow feel that Pujol is resting on it's past reputation. I was looking at this a few weeks ago as of 8/2017 it's M$1835,or about US$103 for their tasting menu before drinks. Das Restaurant ist sehr dunkel und man kann kaum erkennen, was da auf dem teller liegt....Service excellent. Tripadvisor verleiht Unterkünften, Attraktionen und Restaurants, die regelmäßig tolle Reisebewertungen erhalten und zu den Top 10 % der Unternehmen auf Tripadvisor zählen, einen Travellers' Choice Award. Make your reservations before your trip. Also, I enjoy tasting menus because the chefs usually pick dishes and ingredients that I wouldn’t normally be familiar with, but I understand the ability to pick what protein or ingredients you prefer. I somehow feel that Pujol is resting on it's past reputation. Jedes Gericht entsprach den Erwartungen - aber auch nicht mehr. The tasting menu takes a couple of hours and at the end I felt it was too much for me, I could really enjoy the...desserts. Some of the plates offered unique flavors with incredibly creative presentations.

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