Homemade Glazed Mochi Donuts are sticky, soft and chewy, so delicious and incredibly addictive! I hope you get a chance to make some donuts today! Soft, moist, chewy and so delicious. For your starter dough, I would recommend microwaving your dough for 2 minutes max. Once done, coated with sugar powder, leave it cold and serve. Combine your dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately for the batter. salt 28 g. or 2 tbsp. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. In a small pot, add enough oil (about 2 inches in height) to cover the donut. The main ingredients in this recipe are glutinous rice flour and silken tofu, which is the secret behind the chewy texture. For the oil, I recommend using avocado oil as it has a high smoking point and it's healthier than other oils. Take care,ChristieDisclaimer: I am not sponsored by the companies listed in this blog. But while I was fiddling around in the kitchen, I came up with another version. Use a spatula to combine your dough and then use your hands to really get in there. Our gluten free mochi donut premix is a healthy alternative with the same unique chewy mochi texture and sweetness. Heat the oil to 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks so much Rosemary! CJ April 16, 2020 at 4:35 PM Reply. You can use melted chocolates or icing sugar to make a different glaze. This is an easy homemade version of the mochi donut, which tastes soft and chewy with Matcha and blueberry glaze on the top. Cover bowl with cling film. Place parchment paper with donut on top of a spatula so you can easily slide it safely into your hot oil. Place six dough balls on each parchment paper form a donut shape. So that you can make them from the comfort of your own home. Cook the white chocolate until melt, add two tablespoons matcha powder into it, and stir well by a spatula. Place donuts in a small squared parchment paper. And trust me when I say this recipe is very, very good. Get a saucepan, and fill up the vegetable oil about 2 inches. Place all ingredients in the mixing bowl, use paddle blend atslow speed for 1 minute, clear the side of the bowl. Five-spice sugar 60g fine caster sugar I tried using the oven to bake them; however they didn't turn that great. I already have a Mochi Donut recipe on the blog! Umroh Promo February 27, 2020 at 5:45 PM Reply. Welcome to my blog. These donuts are honestly going to be the next trend food I tell you! I want to explore more tasty food and share my recipes with all of you. Knead this on a well-floured surface for at least 5 minutes until it's less tacky. I enjoy sharing mostly pan-Asian recipes from around the world. This recipe was adapted from Sauce Stache. Cut with a donut cutter (3.35 inches) or form balls, weight around 60 g each, keep frozen. I also earn from qualifying purchases through additional affiliate programs, Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan)Rose Pandan Coconut SagoStrawberry Coconut Cream SandwichJapanese Souffle Pancakes. The texture is really fun if I had to put it into words. Since we use the glutinous rice flour in this recipe, the longer time we knead the dough, the chewier texture will form. In a small bowl, mix your glaze ingredients. They are so cute, delicious to eat, and are just so fun to look at! Remove the parchment paper by a tong once you see the donut begins to float upwards (about 30 seconds after put it into the oil). In a large mixing bowl, combine your batter ingredients together. I am a matcha lover, so I made a matcha chocolate glaze for the mochi donuts. Mix icing sugar, blueberry jam, and milk in a small bowl.

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