The. He had twelve sons, and among them Bethuel the father of Rebekah, Genesis 22:20-24. The more distinguished is Milcah, the daughter of Haran (Abraham’s oldest brother), wife (and niece) of Nahor, and brother of Lot. One of the five daughters of Zelophehad. Milcah’s son Bethuel moves to Padan-aram (also called Aram-Naharaim) and fathers Rebekah. The Talmud approved of a man who married his sister’s daughter. (Gen. Thus, according to Rabbi Isaac, the two sisters, Milcah and Iscah, married the two brothers, Nahor and Abraham. ). Your Faithlife account signs you in to all our sites. (Gen. 11:27, 29.) MILCAH (PERSON) [Heb milkâ (מִלְכָּה ‎)]. [V.32], Nahor II continued his own travels and settled in the region of Aram Naharaim where he founded the town, Nahor. [v.29] They were all born and raised in the city of Ur. Milcah was born to the man Haran, who also had another daughter, Iscah, and a son, Lot. According to Genesis Chapter 22, Milcah and Nahor have eight children: Uz, Buz, Kemuel, Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph, and Bethuel. Nahor was the progenitor of twelve Aramean tribes through his 11 sons and 1 daughter. (Targum Jonathan to Gen. [v.26,27] His grandfather was Nahor I, son of Serug. Daughter of Haran and wife of her uncle Nahor, Abraham’s brother, to whom she bore eight children. Nahor married the daughter of his brother Haran, Milcah, his niece (v.29). Milcah’s granddaughter Rebekah eventually marries Milcah’s nephew Isaac and gave birth to Jacob who became Israel. [4] In this region, Nahor and his family settled except for his brother Haran, who had died sometime ago back in Ur. There is a midrash that Milcah was the forbearer of all prophetsin the non-Je… 11:28.) Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE), Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition, The Catholic Family Bible, (RSV) Ivory Hardcover, RSV Catholic Bible, Edition 2, Bonded Leather, Burgundy, The Official Catholic Scripture Study International Bible, Largeprint, Bonded Leather, Black - Imperfectly Imprinted Bibles, Revised Standard Version Catholic Bible, Large Print Edition, Hardcover, RSV Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament 2nd Edition, Hardcover. Targum Jonathan says that Providence granted Milcah conception in the merit of her sister Sarah. Whether in these marriages we have to deal with the actual details of relationship permitted in nomadic life, or whether we have presented to us, under the imagery of matrimony, the fusion of families or tribes in the main community, is a question which we are not able through lack of evidence to answer. Terah, their father, coordinated the gathering of his family to journey west to their destination. 20 Now after these things it was told Abraham, “Behold, Milcah also has borne children to your brother Nahor: 21 Uz the first-born, Buz his brother, Kemu′el the father of Aram, 22 Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph, and Bethu′el.” 1. (Gen. 22:23; 24:15, 24, 47.) The daughter of Haran and the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother. The Children of Nahor. They may all have been born and raised in the city of Ur: the biblical account states that "Haran died before his father Terah in the land of his birth, in Ur of the Chaldeans" (Genesis 11:28). Milcah married her uncle Nahor, Haran’s brother. The daughter of Haran, and the wife of Nahor, by whom she had eight children. The Revised Standard Version of the Bible: Catholic Edition, copyright © 1965, 1966 the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. ), Milcah’s son Bethuel moved to Padan-aram and fathered Rebekah. 2. One of these, Bethuel, was the father of Rebekah (. 22:21.) Milcah was born to the man Haran, who also had another daughter, Iscah, and a son, Lot. Daughter of Haran and half sister of Nahor who became Nahor’s wife (, The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated), 1. (See, e.g., Gunther Plaut, The Torah: a Modern Commentary, 881. He married Milcah his niece in Ur of the Chaldees, Genesis 11:26,29, but seems to have transferred his residence to Haran, Genesis 24:10 27:43. Milcah, Nahor’s wife, is Nahor’s niece. 2. She was the mother of eight children, among whom were Bethuel, the father of Rebekah and Laban (, 2. 1. Milcah (related to the Hebrew word for "queen") was the daughter of Haran and the wife of Nahor in Genesis. Terah's territory appears to have extended between Haran and Ur, along the Tigris River. By registering for an account, you agree to Faithlife’s, The most advanced Bible dictionary as a part of, 2. This was about halfway along the Fertile Crescent between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, in what is now southeastern Turkey. Nahor. Call us at 888-634-2038. (Yalkut Shimoni Balak 22:20. In the account of Terah's family mentioned in Genesis 11:26–32, Nahor II (Hebrew: נָחוֹר‎ – Nāḥōr) is listed as the son of Terah, amongst two other brothers, Abram and Haran (v.26,27). 22:20.) (Gen. When Abram, had an encounter with God,[3] this brother directed his family to leave their native land and go to the land of Canaan. All rights reserved. Milcah’s granddaughter Rebekah then married Milcah’s nephew Isaac (Gen. 24:67; 25:20), and gave birth to Jacob (Gen. 25:21–26), who became Israel. Milcah and Nahor had eight children, Uz, Buz, Kemuel, Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph, and Bethuel. Son of Serug, and father of Terah, Genesis 11:22-25 Luke 3:34. In the account of Terah's family, mentioned in Gen.11:26-32, Nahor II is listed as the son of Terah, amongst two other brothers, Abram and Haran.

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