Amboli receives the highest rainfalls in Maharashtra and thus remains pleasant all round the year. The Rakaskop reservoir is on the verge of getting dry as there has been very less rain in this month. Known For : Sawantwadi Palace The village received its name due to a legend that says a Demon (Rakkasa) resided in a cave in the vicinity of the village. Located in Bagalkot district of Karnataka at a distance of around 510 km fromÊBangalore, Aihole is known for its Chalukyan architecture. Pattadakal is a tiny village, also known as Raktapura or Pattadakallu, houses a series of ten magnificent stone temples which date back to the 7th and 8th century. All rights reserved. ��4a @�K��#A���R�X��j��J���&>�VK�s�[�wܲ"���n=�C����(���7J�Q��Z ���?W�I�hЕQ,$ፍ _����m ��b!K,���e�*pB��ɒ� Z�����Fm�tD�J��F��$C$$0����� Kashiviswanatha Temple Kapileshwar Temple is a holy shrine in Belgaum City, dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered as the southern Kashi. Your email address will not be published. Durga Temple, Aihole Watching water flow through the dam’s gates is a spectacular sight. endobj Here is a Dam across the river Markandeya, supplying drinking water to Belgaum. ^�i��Ѷ~�h�G[��KF Lad Khan Temple 5 0 obj The Water level in Rakaskop is fictitious as there is a lot of Silt in the catchment area. Built across the Markandeya river, it is the lifeline of Belgaum. Scuba Diving in Malvan | Advertise  The pristine beaches glimmering along the Arabian sea coastline, the imposing mountains, and the rich flora and fauna make it a photographer's delight. Belgaum district is the biggest district of Karnataka. Once the changes is done, click on the “Save Changes” option to save the changes. Out of these ten, nine are Hindu temples and one is a Jain temple. 2 0 obj Known For : Treated sewage water is being lifted from Yellamallapa Chetty tank to Hosakote tank, only for recharging underground water," Karnataka said. km. Now Read about This Traveller Who Went on a Blind Trip to this Paradisiacal Place in the Himalayas. In the affidavit, Karnataka said Tamil Nadu cannot request the top court to restrain the state from pumping 22 MLD (millions litres per day) of water to fill up Hosakote tank from Yellamallappa Chetty tank. <> It is the last hill station of Maharashtra before the plains of Goa begin and is a relatively unexplored one. That is why, almost empty area is now about to overflow within a month. It is a place where you can witness the beautiful clash of Konkani, Kannada and Marathi cultures and escape from the hustle and bustle of cities. 18 Kms from Belgaum literally means a hamlet of a Rakkasa (Giant), who is stated to have lived on a hillrock near the village. Magod Falls. Facebook Rakaskop literally means “a hamlet of rakkasa (giant)”, who is believed to … |. Deccan Herald News now on Telegram - Click here to subscribe. Known For : Earlier, Tamil Nadu filed an interlocutory application in the Apex Court seeking direction to Karnataka to refrain from building reservoir on Markandeya river, saying that since the river was a tributary of Pennaiyar river, any new dam by Karnataka would obstruct natural flows to the downstream. Rakaskop has turned out to be a famous picnic spot not only among the people of Belgaum and surrounding places but also among travellers who visit Belgaum once in a while. Rakaskop is a dam located at 16 km from Belgaum. Your email address will not be published. Ahead of the Long Weekend, Here Are Some Fab Offbeat Places in India to Wander off To, Head Out for a Short Trip This Weekend to These Amazing Places Near Delhi, Architecture of Chicago - 5 Structures and Architectural Styles in Chicago, Skydiving in Chicago - Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime, Renting a Car in Georgetown - All You Need to Know, A Complete Guide on Car Rentals in Dallas, Foods Of Boston: Eat Like a Local With These 16 Must-Try Dishes of Boston, Siem Reap International Airport - The Ultimate Guide, Plan your trip with experts and get best offers. Here click on the “Privacy & Security” options listed on the left hand side of the page. It attracts a lot of weekend visitors from Goa and Belgaum. Google +, Belgaum Fort Still there is about 5 feet of water after which it will come to its lowest level. Although swimming is not possible here but you can stand underneath the cold waters for a brief moment.

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