The company is distinguished by its line of highly decorated products led by the legendary Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce. We liked the Slim N’ Sweet over the Smoke N’ Chipotle. “The taste adds to the overall flavor. }, National Barbecue News got the opportunity to sample both of these sauces and think they are worth a try if you are looking for a“health conscience” product. Instead of cracking open a cold one on game day, two Kansas City food and beverage icons want you to crack open some barbecue sauce.Boulevard Brewing Co. and Rufus Teague have teamed up to create the ultimate must-have for Kansas City Chiefs fans just in time for the home opener next Sunday at Arrowhead.Can-O-Que uses Boulevard’s flagship Unfiltered Wheat beer to craft a premium BBQ sauce made exclusively for the 2019 season. While unable to unearth anything about the old timer who adorns these sauce bottles, the sauce that lays inside is a product of someone quite real, John McCone from Shawnee, Kansas. So McCone worked with a manufacturer to get it produced, and the first bottles came off the line on Memorial Day 2005. Boulevard Brewing Co. and Rufus Teague Team Up On Barbecue Sauce in a Can, The Mercury Room, From the Team Behind The Monarch Bar, Brings an Unparalleled Drinking Experience to Kansas City's Crossroads, Today's Takeout: The Muffuletta from Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Café, From Meatless Ham to Stuffed Turkey, The Pairing Offers Plant-Based Options for the Holidays in Kansas City, Today's Takeout: The Fight Club from The Gramophone, America’s Last Little Italy, a New Documentary, Pays Homage to The Hill and Its Iconic Restaurants, Mission Taco Joint is Launching Off the Wall Burgers, a New Ghost Kitchen Concept, From Its Kirkwood Location. Families across the country are turning to leaner meal ingredients and utilizing sauces to amplify flavor without adding calories. }); autoplay: true, “The collaboration with Boulevard pushed this project over the top, and we have been blown away by the response.”. Instead of cracking open a cold one on game day, two Kansas City food and beverage icons want you to crack open some barbecue sauce. “We simply love barbecue. Rufus Teague, an independent maker of craft BBQ sauces announces the addition of two new sugar-free options to their product line. “It’s fun and unique.”. The combination results in a sweet and smoky flavor with a hint of spice, perfect for slathering on ribs, brisket or chicken. Featuring a flaming grill, the bottle opens like a beer can and includes a replaceable cap. While based in the Kansas City area, the Rufus Teague brand isn’t tied to a local barbecue restaurant. jQuery.noConflict(); Internationally, Rufus Teague products are lining shelves in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt and Dubai. Combining our beloved Unfiltered Wheat beer and Rufus Teague’s renowned Kansas City barbecue sauce is a match made in food heaven.”. Featuring a flaming grill, the bottle opens like a beer can and includes a replaceable cap.“KC has the best football fans in the country,” Boulevard Brand Ambassador Kyle Hopkins said. Kansas City, March 13, 2020 – Rufus Teague a leading independent maker of craft BBQ sauces and dry rubs has just launched its first BBQ Sauce created around a flavor profile not typical of Kansas City barbecue. The limited-edition Can-O-Que will begin appearing in Kansas City groceries and specialty stores in time for kickoff next Sunday. } K.C. }, Sweet meets heat in the molasses-based, blue ribbon-winning concoction, which, the story goes, was created by a certain Daddy Sam Oglesby “on his ranch in West Texas.”. I came up with all the recipes myself and we did (create the sauces) in a sauce pot.”, The business started “as a fun little thing that just keeps growing,” McCone said, “There are hundreds of barbecue sauces here in Kansas, and I thought, ‘How am I going to compete with that?’ But it’s moving right along and we’re doing better than I ever thought we would.”, Get unlimited digital access for only $20 for 1 year, By Mitch Barber That's exactly what John McCone, owner of Rufus Teague, did when we first started up just outside of KC in Shawnee, Kansas. nav: false, Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. For Shawnee resident John McCone, barbecue started as a hobby, sparked by a Father’s Day gift and stoked by an award in a local competition. John McCone of Shawnee has built his Rufus Teague barbecue sauce brand into an international sensation. As with their other products, K.C. items: 3 Also works great as a glaze on vegetables. “Unfiltered Wheat is a flavorful beer,” Hopkins says. }); National Barbecue & Grilling 3-6, 2021:  NBBQA 2021 Conference, Louisville, KY. }, Complete Calendar Here Enlarge photo. “They have nine regions, and I think we’re in seven of them now,” he said. Next thing he knew, he’s makin’ sauce all the time. I think Rufus Teague is really some white guy from Kansas named John McCone, but John-John is not really sharing that secret, so I’m happy to suspend my belief and buy (literally) into the myth of a lone cook on some wagon navText: "", Better than a Happy Meal? When he brought up the idea, it blew my mind,” Hopkins adds. I can't remember much about it, which tells me it didn't bowl me over. In 2004, McCone explained, a friend opened the Sunset Grill in Overland Park and asked if he could use McCone’s sauce at the restaurant. John McCone of Shawnee has built his Rufus Teague barbecue sauce brand into an international sensation. }); Hopkins provided Rufus Teague with 12 different beers for testing recipes. 567: { Hopkins, who cooks often with beer, says that the flavor profile needed “a happy balance” so the sauce wasn’t too hoppy or thin. owl.owlCarousel({ You have permission to edit this article. © 2020 National Barbecue News:  Designed by ThinkCalico, © 2020 National Barbecue News:  Designed by. The sauce might be the most Kansas City thing ever. EVENTSComplete Calendar Here The question is, of course, did Rufus Teague really exist and is the four-flavor line really based on his sauce recipe? A buddy of mine and I came up with (the backstory), but it does have a bit of true meaning to it, we just kind of twisted it. 1024: { The sauce takes pork to the next level and is just as good on brisket, burgers and veggies too. Just as barbecue season continues (does it ever really end? The portions are smaller because the people are smaller, and the children ideally eat everything on their plate, in their bento boxes or in their ice cream bowls. Today we have evolved into a barbecue and grilling information super highway as we share information about ALL things barbecue and grilling. Rufus Teague The Can-O-Que infuses Rufus Teague’s top-quality sauce with the lively, citrus flavor of Unfiltered Wheat. Founder John McCone and chief marketing officer Brad Jungles conceived of the idea at a Royals game. Special to The Bee. There never was a Rufus Teague—or at least not a Rufus Teague who made Kansas City-style barbecue sauce. Orders may also be placed on the Rufus Teague site. “KC has the best football fans in the country,” Boulevard Brand Ambassador Kyle Hopkins said. 0: { “Rufus Teague was not an actual person, (the concept) is a little something we came up with,” said founder John McCone. Hopkins and Jungles recommend using the versatile sauce on chicken, pork, ribs and brisket. “We had to make sure the sauce could live in an aluminum can,” Jungles explains.

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