I could not get the nuts to turn to a butter like consistency. You know what? I think the brazil nuts made it a bit richer than hazelnuts would have and I will try it with hazelnuts when I run out of this batch. When I first started to teach, I noticed that my Dutch students used to bring sandwiches with peanut butter on one slice, Nutella on the other and then chocolate hail on the Nutella. Nutella is a wildly popular dessert spread. What worked: I transferred everything (dough + oil) from the food processor to a saucepan on low to medium-low and added a small amount of almond milk and stirred….within a few minutes, the dough and oil and recombined and the whole thing became a smooth delicious butter that everyone loved! And this is what happened: This looks lovely! That might’ve been the issue…, Which blender did you use for this? Then rince, the skins will come out easily in your hands. My reaction to your confession: good for you! If you experiment with it, report back on how it goes! I suggest using Stevia sweetener powder in lieu of maple syrup and the like to solve the problem of the mixture turning thicker … and thicker. Hi I ised dark chocolate that didn’t melt as liquid. We’re so glad you enjoy our recipes! Then I tried a professional Hobart mixer with a paddle attachment and a whisk attachment. Let us know how it goes the next time though! Dana, Thanks for these recipes. Feta cheese is a staple in Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, but you may wonder what type of milk it's made of. The lecithin in this product is derived from sunflowers, making it vegan-friendly. I use a pound of nuts (sometimes I mix almonds and hazelnuts) and 100 grams of 70% chocolate (for a sweeter version, use 56-60%). I can’t wait to try this but my husband is not a big hazelnut fan. That is such a great idea! We’re sorry to hear you didn’t have success with this. This is so good! This is a wonderful recipe! i made this (the one with the dark chocolate) and it’s so good. I just wanted to let you know that I made this recipe tonight. Great idea! How interesting! It definitely makes it like a dough so I wouldn’t recommend it! I made this today and just the heavenly smell of the hazelnuts grinding in the food processor was enough reward for the effort. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Hope you love this one! The texture was smooth. It may not even make it into the container to go in the fridge. I’d guess melted chocolate smooth maybe, and more rich? Have you tried sweetening it with dates? especially a vegan version. ), Instant Pot Red Lentils (Tender, Fast, No Soaking! Thanks , for your time ! My bad, high on nutella lol. If you’re looking for a vegan version of Nutella, many companies have created their own varieties. At the ebd of the day, it tastes nice and really similar to nuttella. I’m considering if it would help to put it back in the food processor and process longer. I have had to avoid store bought because of the high sugar content, i cant wait to try this one. Unfortunately, the tasty treat is not vegan because. Putting it in the fridge is a good idea. Or perhaps making another batch without maple and trying to combine? My last gasp effort was warm milk. It should last for about one month in the refrigerator. Thanks for the nomination and kind words! Xo. this looks….INCREDIBLE! I tried a little bit, then a little more, then a lot more. Hope that helps! My sister, her boyfriend, my mom and I all loved it! Maybe I didn’t blend the nuts for long enough, but also my chocolate was not liquidy enough either for pouring into the nut butter.. Recipe is perfect and was so easy! Sugar, hazelnuts, and cocoa powder are naturally vegan and can be used in your homemade version. I’ve tried this recepy but unfortunately it turned out to be too thick in consistency (I think I used too much cacao powder). Comments for next time? We usually buy Nocciolata as a healthier alternative to regular Nutella, but my grocery store recently stopped carrying it. This family-favorite product is one of the yummiest spreads out there. Then there's palm oil, a fat which is extracted from the fruit of the African oil palm tree (which grows in many tropical areas, not just in Africa). Thank you for this awesome recipe! It’s delicious – a bit runny but very nice. more processing makes it softer as the oils come out. I mean Shultz! A totally healthy version of Nutella? Next time I think I will only need two ingredients – hazelnuts and chocolate. doesn’t grind up your nuts smooth enough, you can either use hazelnut flour (store-bought finely ground hazelnuts), though it can be harder to find, or you can buy a cheap coffee grinder to grind your nuts with :D ! What kind of chocolate did you use for this recipe? I had to use the cacao version. My kids thought it was too bitter so next time I’ll use half dark and half milk chocolate. The juice of the sugar cane is processed and then filtered through bone char, which bleaches it to a pure white. If I turned the power up any higher than low, everything just flew off to the sides away from the blades. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing such mouth-watering (and gorgeous looking) recipes, and for helping new bloggers like me get our passion out there. With a smooth cocoa flavor and the enticing taste of almonds and hazelnuts, you will love Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut & Almond Butter Blend. Close it with the lid belonging to it and shake it until the sink falls off. Sorry it took a couple tries to get it right! Needless to say I will not be making this again. :( Is it possible to blend the nuts too long? Pu-erh Tea: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and More. Thanks for sharing your experience, Abigail! I really like the idea of this recipe, and since I didn’t have enough chocolate chips I used the cocoa powder to make the nutella. Finally found them yesterday and made it this morning. Hi Dana! Not in my house. Healthy and decadent at the same time. It’s super helpful to us and other readers! It also gave a very strong roasted nutty flavour, but everybody liked it anyway. Thank you for the recipe. The banana bread and nutella turned out delicious! Finally, I had it all mixed. Hope this helps!! Different from the real nutella, but actually BETTER !!!! So , I have a few questions . Understandable! Just made it again. Looks great! I LOVE Nutella but unfortunately the original is so unhealthy and bad for environment so I haven’t bought it in several years. Do you think I could substitue the hazelnuts with almonds? i’d like it better with more chocolate.” but she’s not a nut-lover like me. I am wanting to use it as a chocolate drizzle as opposed to a spread. So…..not a faulty recipe. Just made this and I’m in LOVE!! You can use any dairy-free dark chocolate. My family and I as a result eat more healthy foods…..wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! Which doesn’t destroy the overall happiness. Thank you. Although it was stated in the recipe that raw hazelnuts should be baked (roasted) for 12-15 minutes, I withdrew them from the oven sooner, since they begun to burn. After looking for a healthier homemade Nutella recipe, I tried this one. See the texture/color difference below. Hi, thanks for the amazing recipe. This article reviews whether mayo is safe when…, Apples are highly nutritious, but you may wonder whether they can really keep the doctor away. The only ingredients you’ll need are hazelnuts, dark chocolate, coconut milk, maple syrup, and salt. Would you mind sharing the type of salt you used? I used a whole three-pack of 1.75 ounce dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, and that melted down into the perfect amount to mix with the nut butter. Weird but it don’t matter no more because you just gave me the solution!!! Next time, let them go a little longer and you should have better success with it. And unlike Nutealla, it doesn’t contain palm oil. In fact, it’s so popular that the Nutella website claims you could circle the earth 1.8 times with the jars of Nutella that are produced in just one year. I made it without a blender, i used powdered hazelnuts and made it creamy with a bit of almond milk. Then blendy blend! My batch is SUPER grainy, and SUPER runny! It’s also delicious, vegan, gluten-free, and ridiculously close to the real thing. (three children + two adults in my house). Your version sounds amazing, but my daughter isn’t a dark chocolate fan. I just made a hazelnut butter and going to chocolate it up with your recipe, do you recommend the melted chocolate version over cocoa/cacao? I have to say though, it is really salty!!

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