The color of indigo dye is a different color from either spectrum indigo or pigment indigo. Pigment indigo can be obtained by mixing 55% pigment cyan with about 45% pigment magenta. Afterwards, crushed limestone (pickling lime) is added to the water, at which time the water with the leaves are vigorously agitated for 15 to 20 minutes, until the water turns blue. Web color indigo represents the way the color indigo was always reproduced in pigments, paints, or colored pencils in the 1950s. [5] It was imported from there in small quantities via the Silk Road. The name of the color indigo originally came from the indigo plant. The spectral range of indigo is between 450 and 420 nanometers. The Ancient Greek language word for the dye is indikon. For other uses, see. The Early Modern English word indigo referred to the dye, not to the color (hue) itself, and indigo is not traditionally part of the basic color-naming system. City: Insomniac Press, 2004. According to local folklore, Ryuku-ai is beloved not only for its beautiful blue but also its ability to ward off snakes and insects. Cloth that is repeatedly boiled in an Indigo dye bath-solution (boiled and left to dry, boiled and left to dry, etc. Indigo is a dye made from the indigo plant, used to dye cloth. Izzy.Indigo’s list 'The Ultimate Color Name List - truly extensive!' Content of this web page is sourced from wikipedia ( The spiritualist applications use electric indigo, because the color is positioned between blue and violet on the spectrum. They have a little more red, warming the color. Isaac Newton introduced indigo as one of the seven base colors of his work. In the mid-1660s, when Newton bought a pair of prisms at a fair near Cambridge, the East India Company had begun importing indigo dye into England,[17] supplanting the homegrown woad as source of blue dye. The name of the color indigo originally came from the indigo plant. This shade of indigo, called indigo dye (shown at left above in the picture and in the color chart below), is darker than the spectrum indigo shown above. Comparison of blue, indigo, violet and purple,, Violet (Electric Violet) (Middle Violet) (Blue Purple), Light Lavender Mist ( Color List "Lavender Light ") (Hex: #F5F5FD) (RGB: 245, 245, 253), Lavender Mist (web color Lavender) (Hex: #E6E6FA) (RGB: 230, 230, 250), Light Melrose (Melrose Light ( color list)) (Hex: #E7E4EF) (RGB: 231, 228, 255), Light Logan (Logan Light ( color list)) (Hex: #D9D8EA) (RGB: 217, 216, 234), Light Periwinkle (Periwinkle (Crayola)) (Hex: #C5D0E6) (RGB: 197, 208, 230), Periwinkle (Lavender Blue) ( (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #CCCCFF) (RGB: 204, 204, 255), Melrose ( color list) (Hex: #C7C1FF) (RGB: 199, 193, 255), Light Chetwode Blue (Chetwode Blue Light ( color list)) (Hex: #C5C2EF) (RGB: 197, 194, 239), Light Moody Blue (Moody Blue Light ( color list)) (Hex: #C1BBEC) (RGB: 193, 187, 236), Light Steel Blue (web color) (Hex: #B0C4DE) (RGB: 176, 196, 222), Panama Blue (Plochere) (Hex: #B3BCE2) (RGB: 179, 188, 226), Logan ( color list) (Hex: #AAA9CD) (RGB: 170, 169, 205), Rich Periwinkle (Hex: #9999FF) (RGB: 153, 153, 255), Deep Periwinkle (Hex: #8080FF) (RGB: 128, 128, 255), Chetwode Blue ( color list) (Hex: #8581D9) (RGB: 133, 129, 217), Moody Blue ( color list) (Hex: #7F76D3) (RGB: 127, 118, 211), Toolbox (Crayola colored pencils) (Hex: #746CC0) (RGB: 116, 108, 192), Medium Periwinkle (Deep Periwinkle (Pantone TPX 17-3932)) (Hex: #7A83BF) (RGB: 122, 131, 191), Light Blue-Violet (Blue-Violet Light ( Color List)) (Hex: #C77DF3) (RGB: 199, 125, 243), Medium Slate Blue (web color) (Hex: #7B68EE) (RGB: 123, 104, 238), Slate Blue (web color) (Hex: #6A5ACD) (RGB: 106, 90, 205), Majorelle Blue (Hex: #6050DC) (RGB: 96, 80, 220), Light Indigo (Indigo Light ( Color List)) (Hex: #4081A4) (RGB: 64, 129, 164), Steel Blue (web color) (Hex: #4682B4) (RGB: 70, 130, 180), Bright Indigo (Indigo (Crayola)) (Hex: #5D76CB) (RGB: 93, 118, 203), Light Gulf Blue (Gulf Blue Light ( Color List)) (Hex: #3560A6) (RGB: 53, 96, 166), Denim (Crayola) (Hex: #1560BD) (RGB: 21, 96, 189), Han Blue ( (Hex: #5218FA) (RGB: 82, 24, 250), Electric Ultramarine (Ultramarine (Maerz and Paul)) (Hex: #3F00FF) (RGB: 63, 0, 255), Westminster (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #5F00FF) (RGB: 95, 0, 255), Lobelia (Near Indigo) (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #6700FF) (RGB: 103, 0, 255), INDIGO (Electric Indigo) (Middle Indigo) (Hex: #6F00FF) (RGB: 111, 0, 255), Pansy (Extreme Indigo) (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #7700FF) (RGB: 119, 0, 255), French Indigo (Indigo ( (Vivid Indigo) (Hex: #791CF8) (RGB: 121, 28, 248), Lavender Indigo ( (Hex: #9457EB) (RGB: 148, 87, 235), Deep Indigo (Blue-Violet (web color)) (Hex: #8A2BE2) (RGB: 138, 43, 226), Royal Purple (Crayola) (Hex: #6B3FA0) (RGB: 107, 63,160), Vintage Indigo (Pantone TPX 19-3929) (Hex: #664D64) (RGB: 102, 77, 100), Indigo (Pantone) (Pantone TPX 19-3215) (Hex: #503E5C) (RGB: 80, 62, 92), Dotcom (Resene color list) (Hex: #41415D) (RGB: 65, 65, 93), Pigment Indigo (Indigo (web color)) (Hex: #4B0082) (RGB: 75, 0, 130), Dark Slate Blue (web color) (Hex: #483D8B) (RGB: 72, 61, 139), Persian Indigo (Regimental) (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #32127A) (RGB: 50, 18, 122), Blue Indigo (Pantone TPX 19-3928) (Hex: #485470) (RGB: 72, 84, 112), Dark Imperial Blue (Imperial Blue (ISCC-NBS)) (Hex: #00416A) (RGB: 0, 65, 106), Imperial Blue (Vexillological) (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #002395) (RGB: 0, 35, 149), Ultramarine (Pigment) ( (Hex: #120A8F) (RGB: 18, 10, 143), Midnight Blue (web color) (Hex: #191970) (RGB: 25, 25, 112), Dark Midnight Blue (Midnight Blue (Crayola)) (Hex: #003366) (RGB: 0, 51, 102), Prussian Blue (Berlin Blue) ( (Hex: #003153) (RGB: 0, 49, 83), Dark Indigo ( (Hex: #310062) (RGB: 49, 0, 98), Gulf Blue ( color list) (Hex: #051657) (RGB: 9, 22, 87), Japanese Indigo (Japanese traditional colors) (Hex: #264348) (RGB: 38, 67, 72). [6], The Ancient Greek term for the dye was Ἰνδικὸν φάρμακον ("Indian dye"), which, adopted to Latin (second declension case) as indicum or indico and via Portuguese gave rise to the modern word indigo. [7], Spanish explorers discovered an American species of indigo and began to cultivate the product in Guatemala.

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