No personal protective gear is required. It’s gentleness & efficacy are what make it commonly used […], […] Source: […], […] Hypochlorous Acid: Harnessing an Innate Response What Is Hypochlorous Acid […], […] Cl- to HOCl, otherwise known as hypochlorous acid. They look like airport scanners but have a pressure pad on the floor that triggers a fine mist of HOCl as people walk through. Eryilmaz, M. and Palabıyık, M. (2013) Hypochlorous Acid – Analytical Methods and Antimicrobial, Activity. The hand-held fogging machine in his practice looks like a leaf-blower, but fogging tunnels have become commonplace in the East. International Symposium on Antibiotic Resistance, Prague: Avicenum; Berlin ; New York: Springer-Verlag. Or, at least, it has been instrumental in curbing the spread of the virus and helping to free certain countries from their respective shutdowns of coronavirus. Coates, A. R. M. (2012). Russell, A.D. (1990) Bacterial Spores and Chemical Sporocidal Agents, Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 3(2); 99-119, Rutala, WA, Weber, DJ (2010)  Guideline for disinfection and sterilization of prion-contaminated medical instruments. And a way of measuring Cl- in the presence of HOCl? Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) Efficient and extremely safe tap-water-based disinfectant for the disinfection of people ,air, spaces and surfaces. This is the molecule that’s the same substance your immune system produces to fight infection. Contact with skin or inhalation of fumes can cause irritation. Technological challenges around the inherent instability of HOCl have been overcome by electro-engineering advances, enabling large-scale production of stable and pure formulations (Terry and Williams, 2016). J Bio Chem (277) 9757-9762. J. 78, 177-184, Al Haq, M.I., Sugiyama, J., Isobe, S. (2005). In this review, we discuss the biological reactivity of HOCl, and detail what is known of how it interacts with mammalian cells. After five minutes of static Brio HOCLTM exposure, biofilm microbes liberated from the tubing via ultrasonic dispersion were below the lowest limit of detection (average of 93 CFU/sq cm, n=4), equating to >99.9% removal. ‘Then, should a second wave be apparent, or a future pandemic, HOCl will be immediately available for frontline key workers to protect themselves, saving the NHS money, and, more importantly, reducing the cost in lives.’, Interested in learning about this amazing product. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. The production of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) by the myeloperoxidase-H2O2-Cl- system of phagocytes plays a vital role in the ability of these cells to kill a wide range of pathogens. Biofilm remaining on polyurethane tubing in control segments. ... and is completely safe for human use. Exp. 77(2):211-5, Hughson, A. G., Race, B., Kraus, A., Sangaré, L. R., Robins, L., Groveman, B. R., … Caughey, B. The outcome of exposure is dependent on the dose of oxidant, with higher doses causing necrosis, and apoptosis or growth arrest occurring with lower amounts. HOCl (a Reactive Oxygen Species) is produced in small quantities naturally in the human body by white blood cells … HOCl can be made by dissolving in water a readily available man-made compound called sodium dichloroisocyanurate, the main ingredient of chlorination tablets. (2016). Eventual reduction of oxidative chlorine to the chloride ion (Cl–) leads to a decrease in antimicrobial activity over time in conventionally prepared HOCl solutions, and are described as “highly unstable” (USDA-AMS August 2015). However, it is free from potentially harmful additives: non-toxic, inexpensive to make, easy to use and safe for humans. Spectroscopic Characterization and the pH Dependence of Bactericidal Activity of the Aqueous Chlorine Solution. Inflamm. Comparative reactivity of the myeloperoxidase-derived oxidants hypochlorous acid and hypothiocyanous acid with human coronary artery endothelial cells. Epub 2008 May 16. These and other published accounts of HOCl utility build confidence in the efficacy and reliability of these HOCl preparations, and their practical potential for preventive and control interventions in healthcare operations. Physiologically-generated HOCl is short-lived, as the highly reactive compound is quickly converted by oxidation and halogenation reactions. ‘We are currently in discussions with some Premiership rugby and football clubs – and we think our three-man tunnels are the solution for bringing spectators back into stadiums. Dr. Jeff Williams had a long career in academic microbiology and infectious diseases, retiring after 27 years from his position as Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University to found a biotechnology start-up, HaloSource Inc, in Seattle, WA in 1998. 12(2): 83-90. HOCl has no toxic material disposal requirements, and is not considered by OSHA to be hazardous waste adding yet another advantageous element to HOCl use (OSHA Hazard Communication Standard). Free Peer Review and Publishing! However, the generation of a potent oxidant is not without risk to the host, and there is evidence that HOCl contributes … Recent research has focused on the use of hypochlorous acid for sanitzing food and food processing facilities. Antimicrobial effects on bacteria within phagosomes are rapid and powerful, but reaction products with intracellular proteins, amino acids, and small molecules persist with much longer half-lives and participate in a host of downstream events. Antibiotic resistance: implications for global health and novel intervention strategies: workshop summary. 2016). They have got to get some commercial people in who understand a supply chain.’, Professor Reynolds told the Mail he got as far as making contact with the relevant office at the Department of Health and suggested HOCl could be made cheaply and in vast quantities but it came to nothing.

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