Comment. One part of his psyche was the benevolent and good-natured Sentry. New to Marvel/DC comics, feeling overwhelmed about where to start? He's not going to be our poor analogue for Superman. Watch Queue Queue. Sort by. He was the reason many of the other superheroes of the Marvel Comic book superheroes started their career as crime fighters. save. Superman has had plenty of copycats over the years; from Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel (now DC's Shazam) to the … Hyperion. Hyperion’s many feats include stopping an entire planet from hurtling towards the sun with his bare hands, being sandwiched between tow planetoids and living to tell the tale, and even keep two universes from colliding with each other. Gladiator vs Hyperion vs The Sentry: Marvel has several powerful powerhouses. The serum that gave the Sentry the power of a million exploding suns had a terrible side effect. So it might look like Kallark’s confidence-boosting powers may not have an upper limit, but he can be easily tricked into submission. Marvel has several powerful powerhouses. It was a Hellicarrier, why should he even notice it hitting him? Press J to jump to the feed. [16], Hyperion, also known as Mark Milton, is a founding member of his reality's Squadron Supreme and the last known Eternal left on his Earth. until he was freed by the Avengers and offered a place amongst them. Watch Queue Queue Gladiator’s strength is tied down to his confidence in his abilities. What happens when these three heavyweights decide to duke it out? McPy 1 month ago #3. This causes Hyperion (on his counterpart's advice)[39] to rethink his ideas about power, humanity, and teamwork, leading him to surrender to the Squadron from his world. This is Hyperion with a fresh slate, for a very specific purpose. Share Share Tweet Email. [12] He becomes involved with Thundra, but the relationship ends when she discovers a means of returning to her own dimension. [46], In the team's first mission, Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme of America fought Namor and the Defenders of the Deep, when they targeted a Roxxon oil platform off the coast of Alaska. [35] When the government attempts to blackmail him into returning by revealing his alien status to the public, he responds by smashing into the North Pole from space, creating a 10.5 seismic event.[36][37]. There are multiple iterations of Hyperion all over the Multi-Verse. Okay, seriously, can we please label where these things come from? Two years later, Thomas and penciller John Buscema created an alternate, heroic version of the Squadron Sinister called the Squadron Supreme, once again in the title The Avengers,[5] using characters with the same names as those of the Squadron Sinister (this caused confusion in Marvel's production department, as the covers of Avengers #85 and #141 claimed the issues featured appearances by the Squadron Sinister when it was in fact the Squadron Supreme that appeared in both issues). Its A Fairly Certain YES! (like Spider-Man or Superman).? But who's stronger? The first iteration of Hyperion, created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema, debuted in The Avengers #69 as a member of the Squadron Sinister. The Sentry, Gladiator, and Hyperion have all carved out their own place in the Marvel Universe, and these heroes all share Superman-esque powers and even more Superman-esque capes. [25] Quasar and the Eternal Makkari rescue the Squadron when the team is captured by the cosmic entity the Stranger; Makkari realizes that Hyperion is an Eternal and teaches him how to restore his eyesight. Like Kryptonite makes Superman susceptible to damage, Argonite does the trick for Hyperion. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent. The more he believes in himself, the stronger he becomes in due course of time of the battle. The original Hyperion made his debut in The Avengers #69 (Oct. 1969), created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema. Let us be honest for a second here. Hyperion is the equal of Superman only meanier. Hyperion or Sentry wouldn't put up with Homelander. He could have easily beaten WWH in any fight that wasnt just taking it in turns to punch the other guy in the face, but thats what he did (thank you PIS). Over the years, they have tried their hands at trying to emulate the greatest success of their rival comic book publication – yes we are talking about Superman of DC Comics. [22] He becomes trapped in an inter-dimensional zone and is impersonated by the Squadron Sinister Hyperion (Zhib-Ran). He once fought the Fantastic Four. [1] The alternate versions are each from a different dimension of the Marvel Multiverse, and consist of both heroes and villains. This thread is archived. Hyperion the weapons manufacturer in from the Borderlands universe? [24] The team encounters the hero Quasar, and take up residence at the government facility Project Pegasus. The Man of Steel vs Hyperion! I give the triump of this battle to Sentry and Hyperion, but only barely. Though they were both inspired by DC's Superman, Marvel's Sentry and Hyperion are two of the strongest heroes around. Hyperion is the name of a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, of which there are several notable versions. DC and Marvel powerhouses collide as we take a look at which powerhouse would come out on top in battle: Superman or Sentry. uStats. It's no secret that Hyperion is Marvel's answer to Superman, but if these two powerhouses ever came to blows, which one would come out on top? [volume & issue needed] Hyperion is convinced to take on a secret identity and later decides to take a job as a truck driver. The character is re-imagined for Marvel's MAX imprint title Supreme Power, where he is an alien who has been raised by the government. Or does she have a moral code of not killing anyone? Hyperion. Thunderbolts team leader Baron Zemo defeats the Grandmaster, and in the ensuing chaos Hyperion and his teammates scatter and escape. Hyperion vs. Sentry. King Hyperion was a member of the reality-hopping team known as Weapon X. The official film synopsis of the movie has been released and it states: “After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures — each representing Earth, air, water, and fire — emerge from a hole torn in the universe. [20], Following the societal instability caused by Overmind's takeover of the planet, Hyperion and other Squadron members resolve, against their teammate Nighthawk's advice, to assume control of their United States government, instituting programs aimed at increasing quality of life; for instance Hyperion helps establish a behavior modification program,[21] which the team uses to brainwash the Institute of Evil and numerous other criminals.

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