Windows Movie Maker doesn’t support all video file types. Above are the two movie makers that you can use on Windows to reduce the video size by saving with different bitrates or resolutions. It will take some time to compress and save the video file. Reduce Video Size on Windows. Liza Brown Nov 20, 2020 10:11 AM, by Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video. Of course, some professional video editors such as Adobe Premiere can make compression videos with ease. Availability of Green Screen Effects and PIP. For example, you have shot some videos and wanted to share the video file with your friends on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform. With Filmora, you can reduce the video size to change the video look visually or change the actual video file size in terms of megabytes or gigabytes. But, the function of reducing video files is virtually identical. If you file is not supported, you may need to convert it first. How to reduce video size without losing quality? Click Save to start the compression of the video file. Color correction features such as White Balance, 3D LUTs, Vignette. However, the videos are large, so you have to look for a resize video file software to handle the compression. Right-click the blank space next to the "Now Playing" menu, point to "View," "Video Size" and then click on a size percentage (50%, 100% or 200%) or click "Fit video to Player on Resize." Video Editing Software, Basic You can perform multiple overlays and transitions. Choose a name for the new video that you’re going to create, and press OK. You can either drag and drop the video file to the box on the right or click File in the menu to the left. Then select the file you want to open and click Open. Push the “New video project” button. Selecting "Fit video to Player on Resize" will automatically make the video fit the Media Player window. Editing Tips, Apply Related article: How to edit videos in Windows Movie Maker. The Video Editor shortcut from Windows 10’s Start Menu. Why Click on the Preview button if you want to check what changes will be made to the file. The New video project button. To reduce the video file size, you can lower the resolution and bit rate. In the Create Custom Setting window, enter a new name for the Setting and it will be saved with .wlvs format. Copyright © 2020 Wondershare. Watch the video below to check how to edit video with Filmora to the next level. Before we get started to reducing video files in Windows Movie Maker, please check your video size and the format as well. Tips, 2.7 How to reduce video file size with WMM, Part 1: Reduce Video Size on Windows 7/8/10 with Movie Maker alternative, Part 2: Reduce Video Size with Windows Movie Maker, How to edit videos in Windows Movie Maker, Create Videos for Finally, click on the Compress button to start reducing video size. How to Reduce Video File Size in Windows Movie Maker. Click Export tab in the toolbar to enter the Export window. Video Editing Tips, Advanced The smaller the number here, the smaller the file size but the more the compression. While you can see the video size of the video. To resize the video size further, you need to change the resolution, the video bitrate and the audio bitrate as well in the Export Settings windows. Support all commonly used video, audio, image formats. Open the video file you want to reduce the size of. Find comprehensive software tutorials and learn how to get the most out of Filmora. All rights reserved. Once the software opens, look for the Add Videos and Photos icon on the left pane and select it to select the video you want to resize. You can remove unwanted parts from the video, or add texts to the video and do some basic editing as well as rotating and cropping. To reduce video file size in Windows 10/8/7, you can try the following different ways. Choosing a name for the video. Click OK to apply these changes and go ahead to export the video. recommend you to try Wondershare Filmora to reduce video file because it is available for both Windows 7 Take my video file as an example: if I choose For email, the video file will be 11.42MB: If I choose For high-definition display, the video file will be 173.03MB: Or you can directly adjust the bit rates in the Video settings to reduce video size. How to reduce video file size? Choose Us, Best Here you can edit the video such as trimming, splitting, adding music, transitions, etc. Compressing a video is crucial if you want it to be easily viewed by people on the internet. To resize the video file size in Filmora is easy, just Import the video files to the timeline and then change the Export settings. Once you've edited your movie, select the Share button in the upper right corner of the iMovie screen. For people who want to empower your video with more creativity, I recommend you to use Filmora, which provides stunning filters, overlay, elements, and transitions as well as royalty-free music sound. If you are using a different version such as Windows Movie Maker 2.6, you may find they share different user interfaces. Lowering resolution will decrease the number of pixels in the video, and setting bit rate lower may cause video quality loss. Once upload completed, converter will redirect a web page to show the compression result. Convert videos to other formats with smaller size. You have access to a built-in audio mixer as well as an equalizer. If you don't see this screen, click Open source at the top of Handbrake. or specify advanced options Here is the how to reduce video file size with Filmora movie maker on Windows. Keep the default options (they do a great job!) The steps and screenshots below are taken from Windows Movie Maker 2012. The best thing about how to reduce video file size in Windows Movie Maker is the fact that anyone can do it – even the ultimate beginner, and do it for free. Bring up your video to a professional level with straightforward tools. So, if you are a Windows 10 user or there is no Windows Movie Maker on your computer, you need to download it from somewhere else. Since saving videos to different video formats will have different video size, you can choose a format which will save the video in a smaller size. Liza Brown It will be automatically uploaded onto the Windows Movie Maker. Customize video resolution, bit rate, frame rate. by With that said, here are steps of how to reduce video file size in Windows Movie Maker. At the File Location tab, choose the file location to save the reduced video file. Video Editing Tips, Audio Import videos into the Media Library first and then check the Properties of the original video including video file size, video format, and audio format. After you are done with the edits – if any, on the upper left pane, select the File option and then on the drop-down menu, select the Save Movie File option, then Create custom setting.

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