my job search after grad school has been soul-crushing, boss spends the morning ranting, using “tl;dr” in work emails, and more. By doing this you’re bringing in the human element and appealing to your future … Working from home has been going pretty well, once I figured out how to stay focused, and now I have absolutely no intention of going back to the office full time. “You may even need to agree to go out of your way to over-communicate.... You’re finding new and different ways to show your boss that you’re working.”, If you’ve been offered a job and successfully negotiate for an option to work remotely, be sure to get this agreement in writing. We will notify you by email when your friend (or friends) sign up for FlexJobs and you will get a free month. Not a contract necessarily but an offer letter, that you may or may not sign and return. Would it be reasonable to say something like, “I understand that the position is remote for now, but do you think there is any flexibility regarding keeping it remote in the future, contingent on satisfactory performance and willingness to travel once it’s safe?” Also, I’m not sure it’s useful to say, but I’m concerned about my significant other’s ability to get a job in the city where the job is located–there’s work in his field in another city a couple hours away from the job’s head office (which currently is an airplane ride away), and I’d be willing to move there too, but I feel like saying that would complicate things. Wondering how to network during the pandemic? Granted, since my office was so inflexible on WFH, I would have been somewhat clearer about our policies during the interview than OP’s interviewer was. I want to know up front. That would be frustrating but as someone idly job-hunting at the moment, I will say it seems (from my experience) extremely rare to be that upfront about it in the job description! Margot Roosevelt outlines the projections for California’s job growth, unemployment rate and more. You get to the finish line, and there’s no meeting of the minds.”, If you’re negotiating with your current employer, it’s helpful to explain why working from home is best for you and your family, career coach Angela Copeland says. I’ve only read a little but there are a number of articles. Why would I not ask for that to continue? I would agree to make any long-term work-from-home arrangement contingent on my performance as a remote worker during my first six months in the role. Or maybe you like sleeping in and would rather start later … Not everywhere does written formal offers I think, so if for some reason someone doesn’t I would push back and request one. You should also read any company policies relating to remote work, especially any communication issued after the pandemic began affecting your workplace. If I had that same commute, but driving in LA traffic? Umm, to me ‘sometimes is fine’ is code for once in a while when the weather is bad or you have an appointment or a cold. If you’ve been offered a job and successfully negotiate for an option to work remotely, be sure to get this agreement in writing. Barring emergencies or temporary medical situations, we let people work from home once a week and no more. IMO, sometimes means 1-2 remote days a week at the absolute most. If you have family commitments or strongly value a good work-life balance, ask your employer to provide you with greater hourly flexibility in your job offer. I hope your situation gets better. Either they won’t let you or they will but then won’t know how to manage it and you’ll end up out of the loop or feeling disconnected. Can you give me an idea of what language to use when I ask? I do think your proposed language is excellent! Many people have the option of working a flexible schedule which allows them to miss that rough commute to work. Is this ideal? If you’re already working from home due to the pandemic, you may be in a prime position to strategize your way to working remotely for the long-term. I’m glad you all covered the transit and I don’t think it was petty at all for that person to ask. “You probably need to do a little bit of research, do your homework, see if these kinds of options have been offered to others,” executive coach Bonnie Marcus says. Maybe not the exact amount, but at least a range. Ah, I remember you from the open thread! “Those are the kinds of things that would be important to build a case for.”. It was the mortgage lender doing the contacting. I’m Rachel Schnalzer, the L.A. Times Business section’s audience engagement editor, back with our weekly newsletter. “Let your supervisor know your results, how productive you’ve been, and that you’d like to maintain this arrangement if at all possible.”. I would find it pretty weird if an employer didn’t offer some kind of transit coverage, unless they were very tiny. Certainly there are people who live in cramped conditions that aren’t really suitable for WFH who are forced into it now, and a large proportion of these are people from disadvantaged groups, so I do see where you’re coming from, in a way. Here’s what they advise: Before asking your manager if you can work from home permanently, it’s helpful to know whether any other employees have been granted this benefit. I don’t know if I would say the same re: applying to jobs you couldn’t possibly commute to, like out of state, but there’s nothing wrong with the the OP is asking, even though, yes, they knew about the commute when they applied. SPECIFICALLY, would you be open to allowing me to work APPROXIMATELY 80 PERCENT remotely, post-COVID? And for those taking jobs that are remote for now, what if it really isn’t feasible for one person to stay at home? They were probably already paying rent before this job, does that mean they shouldn’t ask for a salary that allows them to keep paying their rent? Not in a the US but a one hour commute sounds fairly normal to me, as long as it’s by public transport (train / subway / tram) with maximum one change – but I would not do it if I had to drive (much more stressful) or even take the bus (I have motion sickness so can’t get read on the bus). Yes, this! If a manager has that attitude, it’s a good reason for me to not want to work for them. “Boss, I’d love to leave my dumpy apartment on the Bay Area outskirts behind and move into a beautifully restored San Francisco Victorian just like you, but you’ll need to up my pay by 1000% first.”. Think public sector jobs, receptionist, etc. I do think views from WFH will be much different moving forward, but sometimes I worry about the dynamics once everyone isn’t WFH anymore. But I don’t know if there’s a great chance of it working out. And I also agree that the OP’s proposed language is really good. From thermal cameras to scheduled security checkpoint arrivals, airports are trying out a slew of new technologies and processes to convince travelers it’s safe to fly again. Does the fact the the LW already broached the topic mean that this discussion should happen now, and not wait for an offer? And then they left after a year to move out of state anyway. Will you be able to be more efficient, to be more productive?” she suggests. I also lead a team of 2, but I plan to give them the choice to WFH if they want once we get back to a more “normal” office life. Definitely wait for their offer. I’d love to come into the office once a week, or one week a month — whichever you prefer. Try asking some trusted coworkers whether they think your manager or HR will be supportive, or if they get the sense your personal concerns may be unfairly held against you.”. At the end of the year I said I would be willing to relocate if WFH wasn’t working out. Or they can tell you no and you can not accept the offer or quit working there. Here are some questions to think through and present to your potential employer:

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