Just wanted to let all of you out there know that the manufacturer of the Protein Plus peanut flour is the same as the maker of PB2. It works amazingly as a substitute to traditionally fatty peanut butter and tastes identical. All it has is organic peanuts, organic coconut sugar, and sea salt. (Remember what happened on day one?) It’s not about willpower if anyone else has struggled with binges and other EDs. I think nothing of buying a $20+ bottle of wine when there are $8 bottles out there but for some reason we stop and cringe when it comes to the food we put into our bodies…I try to remember that when I am shopping. People in these comments don’t realize how terrible they sound, trying to justify their “low-fat” diet to loose weight. But while peanut butter may be the stuff that my dreams are made of, it's not the healthiest food out there, unless you swap out the jar for a powered peanut butter like PB2. You’ll soon learn Natural is just a buzzword/catchphrase with no real meaning. I love the taste. I have made my own almond butter and I love it, maybe that can help the cost? I was told once by a health food specialist that most nut butters are rancid. Here is my story: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/trans_o4025.htm. Again, this is a great product. When it comes to smoothies, I'm sold on using PB2 instead of peanut butter from here on out. Sometimes I use this, adding a higher ratio of PB2, to make a dip that I serve with sliced apples. If anything, I try to get more. Everyone is crazy for Greek and Icelandic yogurts right now, since they are a great source of protein, but let's face it, unsweetened plain yogurt is not easy for most people to eat. To my disappointment when i got home from the grocery store the butter i purchased had no labeling that it was “NO GMO” or “ORGANIC” and that was the whole point of getting this butter. The good I dusty has addicted us to to normal pb by adding sugar to. but it does have coconut sugar and sugar is sugar-but only 4 g. I found the “just great stuff” in a smaller container, although the grocery store no longer carries it and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. As for aflatoxins, well, there is also the *possibility* of botulism or ptomaine poisoning in any number of other foods. I’m so glad that I read this article. PB2 on its own tastes OK, it's like a pixie-stick version of peanut butter, but the powder does not melt in your mouth like the competition. It may not be non-GMO or organic, I have seen conflicting info from website sources. I've used both. Vanilla extract is great mixed into plain yogurt, you just need to be careful when adding it in, it can come out fast and have a bad aftertaste. Seriously! Am not interested in knocking writer or anyone leaving a reply. PB2 claims to have 85 percent less fat calories than peanut butter. Start Cooking! I also like how the almond butters you recommended are 20 a jar. PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, made by squeezing natural oils out of the peanut and then dehydrating what’s left, yielding a powder in which 90% of the fat is removed from the peanut. Like everything else in life….moderation whether it is peanut butter or pB2 . For those of you that use peanut butter powders, which do you use? Used real peanut butter and caught two that were alive. As a new customer getting into looking for organic butters and organic choices. No wonder why I love it so much!!! For one full week, I incorporated PB2 in at least one meal a day to see how it stacked up to traditional peanut butter. This stuff is amazing, and I'm actually looking forward to this week's chicken tender night instead of dreading it like I used to. By processing the PB2 with the added sugars and salt I feel like we are going in the wrong direction again like the FAT FREE Ara which had added carbs, sugars and salts for taste otherwise most products would taste like cardboard. Does anyone know if it is highly processed? Ÿou get a completely natural peanut flavor and smoothness with only one fourth of the calories. Yes, they add sugar. Phytic Acid binds with the minerals in the food you are eating (not the minerals already in your body) rendering the minerals useless for nutrition. Here’s my personal problem with regular peanut butter. I use it primarily to make a healthy version of a peanut sauce to accompany satays and stir-fries. Since sneaking off to the kitchen for a spoonful of PB is something I don't like to advertise to my kids, PB2 was a bust because they heard me coughing and came running to me. I looked on the website i see there is an “ORGANIC” NO GMO choice & labeling. Thanks so much for all that you do! Either be on the fence and cross-over or don’t bother posting at all, because you’re only angry Vani called out a product you like… which isn’t food, food is supposed to be medicine and therefore no one would need supplements to get vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, etc., to be healthy and wouldn’t have diseases or conditions. Sugar is nutrient deficient and pretty much the only thing our bodies don’t need – it’s completely empty. Side note to people: There’s no such thing as GMO peanut or almond on the market. PB2 is off the charts when it comes to consumer products but don’t let one biased consumer dictate your decisions. (Don’t Let It, Here’s Why! I have read almost every label in the store trying to find the best foods with extremely low calories and although I do not eat it everyday, I do allow myself this treat and I don’t worry about the calories or even any of the things that everyone here has said about this product, but real pb has so much fat and calories I cannot eat it. PB2 has only 5 g of carbs and only 1 g of sugar. If we were to do that peanut powders like PB2 and Great Stuff have approximately 1/3 the calorie burden of traditional nut butters.

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