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All of these, particularly the first two, give excellent ideas on how to make the campaign better and more suited to your group. Also as others have said scale the encounters down by either lowering some HP or taking out an opponent here and there. I think your mileage may vary. And for all the flak that Greenest gets, when I was done with my first session, about halfway through Greenest, right after the dragon attack, one of my players said it was the best session of D&D he had ever experienced, and he had more experience than all of us combined. I invented a location called the Early Bird Inn, which is on a hill just to the west of Greenest, about 30 minutes to an hour away. I had an idea that the vampire in the castle could capture them and put them in gladiator style combat versus her vampire spawns, if the party survives she simply leaves and let the party go. The first one (3 kobolds, 1 ambush drake) went well, no one even took damage. Changes for loot? I also like the idea of presenting the missions as choices for the characters, with the NPCs covering the rest. Honestly, the module has poor balance, is confusing to read, and needs lots of prep and understanding. I didn't go into story details, but more what type of adventure it could be. I'm looking for some help with ideas and resources for the Tyranny of Dragons WOtC module. Off the top of my head there's an encounter in (I think chapter 7) where it says that assassins ambush the group at an inn. My group decided they want Hoard of the Dragon Queen to be their first DnD Adventure as most of them are new to DnD and want a classific "Stop the dragon cult" story. Any advice on running Hoard of the Dragon Queen? Will adding 2 Winter Wolves to the party make the Amber Temple more survivable for a group of five Level 5 PCs? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Do enemies who have Posessed a character gain access to their Feats? The module is a jumping off point, not a final destination. I’ve tried to make sure that my players have somewhat of a beef with the cult to establish a reason as to why they would fight the cult in the first place. Does that mean you rolled once for the entire group of 8 kobolds? As you prepare and run this part of the adventure, keep these things in mind: The camp itself evolves once the PCs leave at the end of the adventure so its important that they leave the camp before going right into the cave or everything gets confused. (B matches the group test mechanic in the DM's Basic Rules.) This increases the likelihood that some of them will go first, but it significantly reduces the likelihood that all of them will do so. It is not something you should just run from the book, by the book. You can do this by having them in the main tent or in the cave surrounded by veterans. If the PCs fail to rescue Erlanthar, it's likely Rezmir will kill him so you'll want to introduce important information some other way, maybe a buried journal or something else. If you plan to play in this adventure, stop now and return to your regularly scheduled cat videos. This compensates for the advantage the cultists have as a group, and greatly increases the PCs odds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So imagine a group chasing the Cult, while being pursued themselves. Like in chapter 2, no player would assume they can just waltz into the camp and be fine, but it's actually the better option than sneaking. This post will contain spoilers! Posted by 5 years ago. That averages around 11 bonus HP or so. I used it as well, it helped me a lot with figuring out a nice flow for the game. The party had to use all their Cure Wounds healing by the end, and some had to drink their potions. HotDQ starts right in at level 1. What I did was I wrote out all 10 optional bonds onto index cards, handed each of my five players two cards at random, and told them to pick one. The other stuff is kind of just impeding their progress. Party of 5 (so, should've been easier), including 2 (Bard) healers/buffers, and 4 PCs had free Potion of Healing. The kobolds here, based on your notes, seem to have decided that the party was not a threat, and won't have the opportunity to recover from that mistaken assessment until their respective turns come up again. A big help to this is the Aid Another action; have your second-best Deception score PC aid the best, granting advantage on the roll. I have only run two sessions of Changeling the lost (chronicles of darkness) so I'm still trying to figure out how to DM. And I saw a lot of flak about HotDQ being a linear railroad, and how it was a terrible adventure. Many people don't like the long road trip in chapter4 for example, so I just chopped it down considerably so it lasted only 2 sessions. It added emotional stakes to the proceedings, and a reason for the heroes to run into town, despite the danger. They are however, big fans of killing things. You might have three groups of mercenaries: the soldier-like Storm Blades, the scruffy and undisciplined Red Sun mercenaries, and the horrible terrorizing Dark Sail pirates. You can read all of our Hoard of the Dragon Queen articles here: Episode 1: Greenest in Flames; Episode 2: The Raider's Camp; Episode 3: The Dragon Hatchery; Episode 4: On the Road Part 1; Episode 4: On the Road Part 2; Episode 5: The Carnath Roadhouse 5th Edition. Though most of the time she's watching after him while also looking after the inn, she had the night off this particularly night, so to speak. I posted this about a month back in another thread, but it is very relevant to this topic, I've decided to repost it here... As it's the typical punching bag in these sorts of threads, and I've already seen a few posts about it, I'm going to hop to the defense of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Unless I'm missing something, Bards have more healing capabilities than Paladins (at least L1).

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