In an attempt to protect his investments, Edison set out to discredit Tesla and convince the public of the dangers of alternating current. The universe operates to the laws of a set of numbers known as fundamental constants, and every one of these has to be precisely tuned in order for the universe to function as it does. Having been rejected for a university teaching position, and then having been turned down by a high school, in 1902 the German-born physicist began work in the Patents Office in Bern, Switzerland. What he lacked in formal education, the younger Franklin more than made up for in curiosity and intelligence. Yet painting was by no means his only talent, nor perhaps even his greatest talent. It’s sometimes said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a craft, and Beethoven would have exceeded this total from a very young age. This impression was only strengthened by Tesla’s obsession with developing a “death ray” capable of shooting bolts of lightning. The famous bard has become such an integral part of Western culture that it’s tempting to assume we must know a great deal about his life, but the reality is quite the opposite. In true Franklin form he preferred to freely share his invention rather than apply for a patent that would have been worth an untold fortune. He preferred to bring his work to life, teasing out thoughts and ideas in the form of a dialogue between characters. Hugh Everett (1930 – 1982) 3. Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) 8. Perhaps his most significant discovery was that lightning bolts could be understood as a natural phenomenon rather than as an expression of the wrath of an angry God. She does this in a way that makes you want to get to know them, and the context in which they made their contribution, much better. It was widely assumed that something as seemingly miraculous as radiation must be hugely beneficial to human health, and radium found its way into all manner of consumer products from toothpaste to paint. It is unfortunate that she uses a limited number of images. While his rivals are now little more than historical footnotes, Shakespeare is even more famous and celebrated in death than he was in life. Additional images would enhance learning outcomes . By understanding lightning Franklin was able to tame it. Great if you have interests in the medieval anthropology and theology. Amongst his many achievements he set up America’s first lending library, founded a college that would go on to become the University of Pennsylvania, and created a volunteer fire fighting organization. Her research interests include medieval women writers, late-medieval print culture, and the Arthurian legend, on which she has published extensively, including the 2009 book, 'The Office of Historical Corrections' and the Power of the Short Story. Professor Dorsey Armstrong is the best. The popular image of Shakespeare is based on three main portraits. But Newton did a great deal else besides. Meanwhile, a good deal of Edison’s income was derived from the Edison Electric Light Company, which relied on direct current. Many of them contributed to the reconciliation of faith and reason as articulated by Greek philosophy. Good, brief overview of the middle ages. In an age renowned for producing an abundance of great artists, da Vinci is regarded as one of the greatest of them all. In addition, a few lectures on women seem a bit out of place and did not fit in with the overall historical flow. There’s no question it was his mentor Socrates who made the greatest impression, appearing again and again as chief protagonist in Plato’s dialogues. From this logic developed along with mathematics, the sciences (from biology to physics and cosmology), political theory, later on psychology, and much more. In 1884 a Serb by the name of Nikola Tesla set foot on American soil for the first time. 23 reviews. I love the way she takes concepts that I'm mildly interested in and leaves me feeling obsessed with the topic by the end of the week of listening to her lectures. The idea that a lowly patents clerk would go on to become arguably the most influential scientist of all-time would have appeared absurd, but in 1905, in what must rank as the most extraordinarily productive 12 months of individual intellectual endeavor in history, he produced four papers that would revolutionize the way the universe is understood. Liked it? In this time of great uncertainty, great 'thinkers' appeared. Einstein’s theory of relativity was still just a theory, and one that was considered little short of heresy by a significant portion of the scientific community (Nikola Tesla included). Contrary to popular belief Einstein didn’t fail math at school. A heavy-drinker and a chain-smoker, Everett died in 1982 at the age of 51. (NOTE: I'm stingy with stars. The holder of an A.B. He would pursue this goal with ruthless, single-minded determination. The great courses series makes me want to go back to college! To me it seems one of the better series in terms of global content, clarity, delivery, and production quality. One particularly gruesome film, shot by the Edison Manufacturing Company, shows an unfortunate elephant by the name of Topsy being enveloped by smoke and keeling over after being blasted with 6,600 volts of electricity. Generally enjoyable survey of major figures in European (and Muslim and Jewish) intellectual history in this period, though some of the lecturer's choices for inclusion are odd--Lorenzo de Medici? Highly recommended (especially for lovers of history.). Newton didn’t enjoy being questioned by lesser minds (which included just about everybody), so he wilfully set out to make Principia as difficult to follow as possible. His genius was actually very narrow and was limited to the fields of physics and Mathematics even the ancient Greek Archimedes contribute more to this day to human life on Earth with his invention of the Archimedes screw which is still used throughout much of the world to help irrigate fields to grow food Einstein in my opinion was the idiot of geniuses What am I thinking? He arrived in New York with little more than the clothes on his back, the design for an electric motor, and a letter of introduction addressed to Thomas Edison. Great Minds of Ancient Science and Math Age Level: 9–15 Grade Level: 4–10 . Two of these were produced years after his death and the other probably isn’t a depiction of Shakespeare at all. Nonetheless, a good introduction to many people who I did not and never would have known exist without listening to this lecture. Afraid of human hair, round objects, and preferring the company of pigeons over people, he seemed to have become the embodiment of the idea of a mad scientist. Despite these dirty tricks, Tesla’s system had one very significant advantage: alternating current could be transmitted over long distances, while direct current could not. Her notebooks are still so infused with radiation that they will remain potentially deadly for another 1,500 years; anybody willing to run the risk of reading them is required to don protective gear and sign a liability waiver.

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