Most German verbs are weak verbs, which are verbs that are regular in all tenses and conjugations. I ended up trying to use strong verb conjugation patterns with weak verbs and vice versa. It’s a complete platform for learning. When it comes to learning verb tenses, in my experience the strong verb Perfekt tense is the most challenging. This depends on which letter the stem of the weak verb ends with. In spoken language, it is common to use the perfect tense instead of the past tense. If you’re new to learning German, it’s possible that you’ll encounter the same conjugation problem I had when I began learning. Strong verbs, however, don’t follow regular conjugation rules and often have a change in the verb stem (the verb stem is the infinitive, or dictionary form of the verb, with -en removed from the end). In this case, there’s none. A situation which used to happen regularly in the past: I played the piano every day. Plus, FluentU remembers what you’ve learned and suggests additional content based on that info, meaning you get a truly personalized learning experience that keeps you moving forward. (kommen) (sitzen) On FluentU, you’ll be able to watch real-world German videos, like movie trailers, music videos, news clips and more, that’ve been supercharged with language learning tools. Marco __ dir nur helfen. When using a weak verb, you need to change the ending and leave the stem as it is in the present tense. There are many irregular verbs in German, and also many lists of them can be found on the Internet. Er __ mir jeden Donnerstag Nachhilfe. Irregular verbs in the German present tense only have vowel changes in the second and third person singular (du/er/sie/es) conjugations, and there are three types of changes: “e” to “i” — ex: geben (to give) to du gibst (you give), “e” to “ie” — ex: lesen (to read) and er liest (he reads), “a” to “ä” — ex: fahren (to drive) and er fährt (he drives). If we were to look at a list of the most common German verbs, we’d see that eight of the top ten (as well as thirty of the top fifty) are strong. Without too much trouble, you’ll find that you already know how to use many verbs if they’re conjugated regularly, and you’ll have more time to focus on those cases that need special attention because of irregularities in how those verbs are conjugated. Learning how these verbs conjugate adds a layer of polish to your speaking and reading abilities and allows you to communicate more effectively (you don’t have to just rely on gestures). Take a look at these phrases formed from the verb sagen (to say). I know I did when I first started learning. We’ll provide a list of strong verbs and their correct conjugations later in this post. It’s not too bad, so take a deep breath and you’ll be an expert on German words and conjugation before you can say (the German word for “food intolerance”) Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeit! Forming the imperfect tense with weak and mixed verbs. Many German speakers will still be able to get the gist of what you’re saying even if you aren’t able to conjugate strong verbs correctly, for the most part at least. Camren holte die Zeitung aus dem Briefkasten. Wieso __ er ins Krankenhaus? You’re going to truly understand how the language works from real-world videos like music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks. The Präteritum is where things get a little messy for strong verbs, but luckily there are still some patterns to pick out (and it’s also a great exercise in German vowel vocalization). Verbs with an “ä” vowel change in the present tense change to either “ie/i” or “u” — ex: laufen (to work or walk fast) becomes lief and fahren (to drive or go) becomes fuhr. The main difference between strong verbs and weak verbs in the imperfect is that strong verbs have a vowel change and take a different set of endings. Amanda spielte früher jeden Tag Flöte. Translate a German verb in context, with examples of use and see its definition. Change these sentences containing regular verbs from the present tense to the imperfect tense. As with the previous conjugation patterns, there are going to be exceptions! So why did I have so many issues? FluentU takes great videos and turns them into language learning experiences so that you can learn German as people really speak it: Watching a fun video, but having trouble understanding it? If you can’t find the ideal list you’re looking for, you can always make your own, too. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you Er __ am 25. The main difference between weak and strong verbs in the imperfect tense is that strong verbs have different endings. Whether you plan on using the conjugation patterns or outright memorizing the list of strong verbs, it’s going to take practice and dedication. The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and it recommends examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. An example is kaufen, which means to buy or purchase. FluentU brings German to life with real-world videos. Verb types can sometimes seem like some abstract piece of unnecessary information. All Rights Reserved. You might think strong and weak leave no middle ground, but there are also mixed verbs, which have qualities of both strong and weak verbs. Present Perfect. This is an important distinction between German and English: the Präteritum and Perfekt tenses are used identically, whereas the past tense and present perfect in English aren’t. In this case, we have a verb that follows weak verb ending rules, but we can also see a verb stem change in the simple past tense (hab becomes hat). The answer to that question depends on whether we’re talking about a strong or weak verb. Remember to translate the answers. Heinz dürfte leider nicht mitkommen. The most common places you’ll see verb stem changes when working with strong verbs is in the past participle or the third person imperfect—which is why we use those two conjugations to test whether verbs are strong or weak. While we were primarily concerned about the verb endings with the weak verbs, with strong verbs we’re more interested in the Stamm. Future. Verbs with “ei” change to either “ie” or “i” — ex: beißen (to bite) becomes gebissen. You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. Let’s use the weak German verb fragen (to ask) as an example. FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive subtitles. To start with, I had no clue how to conjugate any of the verbs! 1. (machen) Please check your email for further instructions. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used. We’re going to ease you into the conjugation of strong and weak verbs by starting with weak verbs in the present tense. The third person singular in all three tenses is as follows: While we won’t be focusing on mixed verbs in this post, it’s important you understand what they are to truly become a verb conjugation pro! Imperfect of German verbs. (geben) Hold on, hold on—put those boxing gloves down. Mein erstes Haus kaufte ich vor 40 Jahren. The imperfect of weak verbs is formed using the same stem of the verb as for the present tense + these endings: The imperfect tense of strong verbs is formed by adding the following endings to the stem, which undergoes a vowel change: The imperfect tense of mixed verbs is formed by adding the weak verb endings to a stem whose vowel has been changed as for a strong verb. Wir liebten unseren Opa. Note that the imperfect tense of the most important strong, weak and mixed verbs is shown in the Verb Tables. You would say, “I ran.”. __ du früher nicht Herrn Weber in Biologie? If you’re in the beginning stages of learning German, you might be asking yourself this question.

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