Eid Al Fitr around the world - in pictures, Berlin church welcomes worshippers unable to fit in mosque, Baniyas souq waits for Eid rush that never comes amid Covid-19, Adnoc employees raise Dh1m to provide food during Ramadan, Rescuers work to save cats from Mina Plaza before demolition, Here are the best - and worst - places to ride out the pandemic, Dubai father meets baby daughter eight months after wife died, Dubai busts biggest drug smuggle attempt at port and seizes 662kg of narcotics, Friday prayers to resume across UAE mosques, The cannon firing to mark the breaking of the fast at Maghrib sunset prayers at Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The following year, Ramadan 2021 will begin at sunset on Monday, April 12 and end on Tuesday, May 11. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); According to the reports of the astronomers the crescent moon of the holy month will appear on Thursday that is 23rd April, 2020. In addition to all such reports the Planetarium has further added with the statement that the daylight hours at the beginning of Ramadan will going to have the amount to 14 hours and 50 minutes. Pawan Singh / The National, Dubai Police officers firing the cannon on the first day of Ramadan to break the fast at the Al Mankhool area in Dubai. This will going to drop at the scale of 42 degrees at the end of the season. Victor Besa / The National, Sheikh Zayed Road is still very quite on the first morning of eased restrictions on personal travel. First Day of Ramadan LIVE Khutbah | Sh. Note that in the Muslim calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Thursday, the 23rd of April . If you want to know the Ramadan schedule of your city then don't forget to sign into this webpage right now. As in the place of Tokyo the sunrise will be around 4:25am and sunset will be at 7:00pm. Ramadan is … Moon Sighting Committee of Canada is the department that announces the sighting of the new moon on April 23, 2020. GDNonline provides the paper's readers with an extensive online edition adapted to be accessed on all available technological platforms. Pawan Singh / The National, Some shops in Satwa are open for business after Dubai eased restrictions for Ramadan. Well there is a good news for the people of United Arab Emirates (UAE) that finally after waiting around for so long time the date of Ramadan 2020 has been all announced. GDNonline.com is the GCC's most dynamic digital news source providing a selected mix of local, regional and international news and features to a readership across the Gulf countries and internationally. Based on astronomy, the first day of Ramadan will start on April 23, 2020. In UAE the summer season will be at its peak on 2nd June 2020. As one, I know we will overcome this pandemic together," he wrote. Ramadan 2020: First day of holy month in UAE - in pictures. All Right Reserved. In the place of UK you are supposed to fast for around 16.5 hours. Moon slighter of Saudi Arabia, Dubai officially confirmed that it the last day of Shaban is April 22. All Rights Reserved. This means that 23rd May, 2020 will going to mark up with the beginning of Eid al-Fitr and the month of Shawwal. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, wished the people of the UAE a blessed Ramadan, describing the holy month as one of "goodness and mercy". April 24, 2020. In this way the fasting period will going to be approximately 15 hours and 9 minutes. Mosques remain closed. Students perform an afternoon prayer during the first day of Ramadan at Raudhatul Hasanah Islamic boarding school in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia on June 18, 2015. Ramadan in 2020 will start on Friday, the 24th of April (24/4/2020) and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the 23rd of May. Here's everything you need to know about the holy holiday. In Bahrain, the moonsighting panel confirmed that April 24 will be the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan, based on the sighting of the crescent in Saudi Arabia. Abu Dhabi Crown Prince thanks people's patience amid the pandemic as Muslims face a unique Ramadan with mosques closed and gatherings discouraged. Pawan Singh / The National, A Dubai Police officer gets ready to fire the cannon on the first day of Ramadan to break the fast at the Al Mankhool area in Dubai. Together we can ensure the safety of our cherished families, friends and communities by continuing to practice the necessary precautionary measures. Saudi Arabia’s official Umm al-Qura calendar marks the first day of fasting as April 24, 2020. Muslims in the UAE began fasting from dawn to dusk on Friday as Ramadan began across the Islamic world. Muslims in the UAE began fasting from dawn to dusk on Friday as Ramadan began across the Islamic world. Victor Besa / The National, A barber shop in Satwa is busy with customers. Chris Whiteoak / The National, The sun rises over Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque on the first morning of Ramadan. Kamil Ahmad - Duration: 44 ... A Unique Ramadan - Mufti Menk - Ramadan 2020 Preparation - Duration: 23:22. When is Ramadan 2020? The National. According to their verified testimonies, Friday becomes the 1st day of Ramadan 1441H, the Royal Court reported. Chris Whiteoak / The National, A pedestrian walks pass a bus stop at downtown Abu Dhabi during the Coronavirus epidemic.

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