Make sure everyone involved understands all the terms and services being provided before signing on the dotted line. The father and mother of the bride can help the couple cross off their final wedding to-do’s by taking on some of the responsibilities. They may even decide to have one choreographed for them. I didn’t want him to scream and be upset completely forgetting that we went through all of that too when my son and I was in the process of getting to know each other. This is the divine right of a wife and mother. Here, Now that you're engaged, you've gained a whole new family. Let mom shop for a dress that complements the formality of the wedding, as well as her personal style. Unlike a speech at the rehearsal dinner, a toast should be short and sweet: Thank everyone for coming and those who helped plan the wedding, tell a funny story about the bride, welcome the groom into the family and mention how happy you are to have him in your family, and then toast the couple with well wishes. Father, with the assistance and counsel and encouragement of your eternal companion, you preside in the home” (Father, Consider Your Ways [pamphlet, 1973], 4–5). Personally direct family prayers, daily scripture reading, and weekly family home evenings. I took a step back and bit my tongue many times before I realized my way to do things really wasn’t the only way. In the beginning, Adam, not Eve, was instructed to earn the bread by the sweat of his brow. But on the wedding day, considering hiring a day-of coordinator so she isn’t putting out fires, or arranging seating cards, and can play the role of hostess. We sometimes hear accounts of men, even in the Church, who think that being head of the home somehow puts them in a superior role and allows them to dictate and make demands upon their family. The Apostle Paul counsels husbands and fathers, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1 Timothy 5:8). Your responsibilities are so important. One of the most important father of the bride and mother of the bride duties is supporting the bride throughout her engagement. Those are the quiet ways we say “I love you” with our actions. Also, the need for education or material things does not justify the postponing of children in order to keep the wife working as the breadwinner of the family. They can also send a formal announcement in the mail, or via an online service. The parents of the bride traditionally host an engagement party for the happy couple, if the couple wants one. I had to take a good look at myself and how I’ve been acting and how it affected us all. In many discussions about fathers and their lesser involvement in the family and household, it’s often highlighted that fathers need to take their responsibility. She is the last to be seated before the processional begins, and is the first to leave after the bridal party exits. The Apostle Paul points out that “the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church” (Ephesians 5:23; italics added). The mother of the bride should ask her daughter if she wants her to schedule appointments, and plan a fun-filled weekend of brunch, shopping and celebratory drinks after she finds the one. Today the roles have expanded beyond yesterdays expectations, and often both parents are working and fathers today are expected to be more present in their children’s lives. The mother of the bride duties can include various wedding planning responsibilities if the couple is not hiring a wedding planner, and especially if the wedding will be in the bride’s hometown and she no longer lives there. Ephesians 6:1-3 "My son, obey your father's commands, and don't neglect your mother's teaching. Nine Photography. So why do we keep feeding this “truth” that isn’t serving anyone? They bring rich dividends for such little effort. The father of the bride will have a dedicated dance with his daughter, and the two of them should choose a song together. 6. Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. This kind of love can be shown for your wives in so many ways. Research shows that fathers are just as good as mothers at parenting as long as they are given the same amount of time and space as most mothers to develop their parenting. Your place is to give direction to all family life. Once it’s confirmed who will be invited, start gathering mailing addresses for save-the-date cards and the wedding invitation. Or offer to help in other ways so they can manage all the to-do’s, such as taking their dog for a walk or picking up dinner one night. Don’t be stingy with your time or with your means. Particularly is this true in your relationship with your wife. It means to love with all your emotional feelings and with all your devotion. Remember, brethren, love can be nurtured and nourished by little tokens. Not only will the family suffer in such instances, brethren, but your own spiritual growth and progression will be hampered. Home teaching, bishopric’s work, and other Church duties are all important, but the most important work is within the walls of your home” (Strengthening the Home [pamphlet, 1973], 7).

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