So overall you're getting a sturdy, comfortable, and versatile bassinet that is ideal as a bedside sleeper. Easy to transport for travel or even to another room with its wheels. Interested? Check out #4 or #5. First, there were two versions of the in-bed (bed sharing) sleeper, one the Original and one Deluxe. Just putting that out there so you're not misled into thinking this is similar to the SNOO! For more information about bassinets, check out our full bassinet buying guide! To help you find the best bassinet, we gathered 19 top-rated bassinets and put them to the test. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet. Finally, it's a bit heavy coming in at 20 pounds, and it only supports babies up to 20 pounds (or 5 months old); by comparison, the Mika Micky supports babies up to 33 pounds or until they can pull themselves into an upright position. If he gets cold at night, use a wearable blanket or simply put more clothes on him. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.. It was comfortable, the mattress was soft (not too soft for newborns though), and it includes three SNOO Sack swaddlers (one S, M, and L size). It's literally a snap to put together and definitely one of the easiest bassinet assemblies we've ever done. Instead, what you're getting here is an awesome bedside bassinet that has all the right adjustments to make it fit perfectly right up beside your bed for effortless feeding and transfer in and out of the bassinet. Overall, we think this is a pretty great first smart bassinet by Graco, and we were impressed with its functionality and features. This lets you easily look over, hear your baby's breathing and movements, reach easily to get your baby in and out for breastfeeding, and give you that nice feeling of closeness with your newborn baby. Yes, it will work for some babies, it will do nothing for some babies, and still other babies might hate it. Are co-sleeper bassinets easy to clean? The Halo Bassinets Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Premiere and Luxe versions are usually about $300, but there's a less expensive, In our opinion, and in the opinions of our mom and dad testers, this is the most beautiful and stylish bassinet on the list. The mattress is softer and thicker than most other options. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. That maximum height might not be high enough for some parents with high bed frames or thick mattresses, so we suggest measuring your bed height before picking a bedside bassinet. Another thing we really liked about this bassinet is that the sides are partially mesh so while you're laying in bed you can peek into the bassinet a bit. It has great mesh breathable sides, is lightweight, and uses only safe and tested materials. That height was just about perfect when up against the side of our bed (making it a great bedside or co-sleeper alternative), but since the mattress is another 10" lower than the upper edge, it made reaching in really challenging. In-bed sleeperĀ bassinets are significantly less expensive than bedside versions. We liked that it was sturdy, that when it's rocking it doesn't tilt the sleeping surface at all (so baby doesn't drift from side to side), that it uses a nice breathable mesh on the sides, and that the bassinet and its mattress are overall a pretty good size (the mattress itself is 31" long, and 15" wide), without the bassinet being too large to easily position in your room or move around. We'd definitely pick the Mika Micky over it, but that's for you to decide! Given its similar side-access feature to the Micka Micky, we're going to compare it primarily to that model. Not many, but of course it would be nice to have a storage shelf or some vibrations, white noise, or lullabies. It is one of the simpler bassinets on our list, without any fancy vibrations or music, mobiles hanging overhead, storage, or shade cover. This was a unique bedside bassinet and co-sleeper with some great features, coming in a few different models. Sharing a bed with a newborn is such a beautifully intimate experience for mom and a newborn baby. It really looks quite nice and brings back memories of classic bassinet designs. Also, the mattress quality and comfort leave a little something to be desired, and the sheet that comes with it is thin and rough, and not waterproof. The mattress is surprisingly thick and comfortable for a bassinet mattress, so we liked that aspect. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. You can check out the Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection here. Just putting that out there so you're not misled into thinking this is similar to the SNOO! Comparing to the Baby Bjorn, it feels and looks less elegant, which makes sense given that it's about a third the price! Out of the box, assembly was nothing out of the ordinary. It is one of the simpler bassinets on our list, without any fancy vibrations or music, mobiles hanging overhead, storage, or shade cover. It has a lightweight suspension system that rocks itself in response to your baby's motion (and you can rock it too! we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Not many, but of course it would be nice to have a storage shelf or some vibrations, white noise, or lullabies. At BestReviews, we do extensive research and testing to help you find your ideal items. It also doesn't fold in any way, so even though having the wheels makes it easy to roll around, we wouldn't really consider it a portable bassinet per se. Interested? I needed to use 2 hands, though my stronger-handed husband could do it easily with one hand. Pretty slick, and coming in at about a third of the price of the SNOO. Adequate ventilation not only helps prevent your baby from overheating, it also means she'll still be able to breathe easily if she rolls and ends up with her face pressed against the side of the bassinet. Look for models that are easy to adjust and can be set to a wide range of heights to suit both lower-than-average and higher-than-average beds. This is a great looking baby bassinet that's like a sleek new piece of furniture for your home. Interested? Overall, an excellent option! The 3-month old seemed to find it pretty soothing and it worked well to calm her down; the 8-month old was a little indifferent to it, and the parents needed to find the ideal combination for him and keep using that. This Simmons bedside sleeper bassinet was poised to solve the challenge of not wanting to co-sleep due to the safety risks, but wanting your baby right up next to you in bed. We had to read the manual to figure out how to use all the buttons, but once we got a hang of it we were good to go.

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