SyntaxThe word "syntax" in programming is almost the same as "grammar" in human languages. Saving critical "state information" is a common task necessary in writing online systems. The example here says 'if 5 is the count', rather than 'if the count is five'. The formal definition for an object and the template from which an instance of an object is created. In other words, the web server will appear to "know" you and provide what you want. A person needs to learn how to use a computer system just as much as they need to learn how to read & write. It was OLE2 -- with a new name.". This is an early standard used to transfer information between a web server and a client over a network. Visual Basic is discussed in a number of different newsgroups such as Microsoft.public.vb.general.discussion. MethodA way to identify a software function that performs an action or a service for a particular object. Copyright © 2020 Computers need software to operate. "Basic" spacing is nominal and can change with conditions. system, program files, and data files, A peripheral used to input data by Hard Drive – A hard drive is the device on the computer where the most of the information is stored and helps the computer to retain and store it’s data permanently. It helps a person move the pointer faster across the display and it performs many tasks very fast. In VB 6, for example, the statementCreateObject(objectname) will create an instance of a class (a type of object). Correspondence between the six languages of a term.2. It’s how users can interact with their computers, and shows the input from the computers mouse and it’s keyboard. Public can be used only at module, interface, or namespace level. Techopedia has one of the web's most comprehensive computer dictionaries. OLE has gradually been extended to servers and networks and has gained more and more capability. NamespaceThe concept of a namespace has been around for quite a while in programming but has only become a requirement for Visual Basic programmers to know about since XML and .NET became critical technologies. CPU. portion of the document is visible in the window; available either horizontally Nevertheless, very interesting. It's important to understand that the processes could be running on the same computer but they normally run over a network. Newsgroups tend to be popular, fun, and alternative. APIis a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) for Application Program Interface. And of course I will show your site as a reference and a source. An API consists of the routines, protocols and tools that programmers must use to ensure that their programs are compatible with the software that the API is defined for. A Term is either a single number or a variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together. Your email address will not be published. Often, one frame is used to select a category while another frame shows the contents of that category. permits the user to view several programs at one time, A program that allows the user to Although this term is used throughout computing and data processing (as are 8-bit, 16-bit, and similar formulations), in VB terms, this means the number of bits used to represent memory addresses. ActiveX is backward compatible with OCX controls because ActiveX containers, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, can execute OCX components. computer to your computer, Occurs when a user points the mouse OCXThe file extension (and generic name) for OLE Custom control (the X must have been added because it looked cool to Microsoft Marketing types). For example, most Form object have a Click event. This time period marked the beginning of IT as an officially defined … As a starting point (but there is much more), VB.NET's virtual machine requires the presence of the CLR (Common Language Runtime). A printer, a keyboard, a mouse are examples of peripherals. I like the term CAPTCHA, but most of the time it annoys me. For example, try to find object names that are duplicated betweenSystem.Data and System.XML. This integrated Database will be regularly maintained and updated., very nice artical moreinformation thanks for sharing tha info keep it up, Very helpful...please post this type of knowledge...for every learner, thanks for your support i can do some things now on my own. Graphical user interface; Among the important ideas about classes are: Classes involve a lot of terminology. In other words, an object can be thought of as being "in a capsule" with the interface as the only way to communicate with the object. We hope that we have help you in learning some of these. Operating System – An operating system (known better as an OS) is the computer’s software that communicates with all of the different hardware that is part of the computer.

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