Fiche technique : attagène noir du tapis. Larvae are very similar to those of other Attagenus species, more particularly to that of A. unicolor. Species of the Attagenus genus are very close to those of the related genus Dermestes, but they can easily be told from Dermestes thanks to the presence of an ocellus on their front and to their slightly smaller size.In France, Attagenus are represented by about 15 species. interested in participating in a survey for After the treatment, you cant enter the house for two hours, and after that the house should be properly ventilated. (Attagenus pellio) Adult beetle: 5 mm Larva: 10 mm. La tête est plutôt arrondie, et la partie terminale de l’abdomen porte un pinceau de longs poils roux. Les adultes se nourrissent de nectar et de pollen. Attagenus unicolor: Classe: Insectes: Ordre: Coléoptères: Famille: Dermestidés: En apprendre plus grâce à nos capsules vidéos. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 31 mai 2019 à 02:21. Identification criteria). I ncubation lasts 5 to 12 days depending on ambient temperature (the higher the temperature, the faster the incubation). Des zones plus claires sont visibles latéralement, aux bords avant et arrière de chaque segment abdominal. previous | next ©Jarmo Holopainen. The fur beetle is allergenic. Fur beetles (Attagenus pellio), carpet beetles (Anthrenus scrophulariae)Size. The species has reached a worldwide distribution, but it is particularly frequent in temperate regions. Depending on temperature and humidity, the egg stage lasts 6-35 days, the larvae stage may take 2-12 months. The larvae eat smooth-edged holes into textiles. Elongate oval body, about 2.25-fold more in length than in width, round at the ends.Small head, slightly protruding from the prothorax, with one median ocellus on its front. This is similar in shape to A pellio, but has no spots and is all black. Les Attagenus sont représentés en France par une quinzaine d’espèces, plusieurs d’entre elles sont susceptibles de se trouver dans les maisons et les lieux patrimoniaux. General The larvae of a number of beetle species can cause significant damage in wool fabrics, fur, mounted animals, hides and other products of animal origin. Mating most often occurs in May and June. Critères de reconnaissance). Comme pour beaucoup d’autres insectes des denrées la taille des adultes (et des larves) est variable, elle dépend directement de la nourriture disponible, de la richesse en nutriments des matières consommées et de la compétition larvaire. However, in France only the 2 species A. pellio and A. unicolor (Brahm) are important from an economic point of view as they can cause important damage. Les élytres sont légèrement moins sombres que le pronotum. Several of them are likely to be found in houses and heritage premises. Il mesure environ 5 mm. Species; Additional images; Click here to support NatureSpot by making a donation - small or large - your gift is very much appreciated. L’incubation dure de 5 à 12 jours selon la température ambiante (plus il fait chaud, plus elle est rapide). please upload using the upload tools. La larve de l’attagène des peaux a un régime alimentaire polyphage avec une tendance marquée vers la nécrophagie, elle se nourrit, entre autre, de cadavres desséchés d’où les importants dégâts qu’elle peut causer dans les collections entomologiques ou celles d’animaux naturalisés. Sometimes, a wandering beetle can be found by accident, which doesn’t mean that there is damage. Attagenus unicolor. Adults fly when it is warm and are often attracted to lights. Clothing and other fabric that has been affected should be cleaned (at least 30 minutes at 60°C will be fatal) and can then be repaired. Attagenus pellio is easily recognisable and can easily be told from related species thanks to the presence of 3 whitish spots (2 lateral ones and 1 median one) at the base of the pronotum, and 1 in the middle of each elytron. Please note the copyrights: don't copy photos from this website for other purposes. Généralement la larve perfore les tissus en s'aidant de points d'appui ainsi ses attaques se feront au niveau des coutures. Appearance The larvae of the carpet beetle have golden brown hairs in general. Species. Les larves des dermestes étaient tellement nombreuses qu’elles avaient fini par creuser des galeries dans les boiseries de la cale faisant ainsi couler le navire. Il peut pénétrer dans les maisons et s'y reproduire. The fur beetle is 4-5 mm long, dark brown to black with a white spot on the pronotum and middle of the elytra. Like most domestic Attagenus species, Attagenus pellio adults cause hardly any damage; besides, they feed very little.They are good fliers, and in natural environments they are frequently found on flowers, especially from Apiaceae (Umbellifera), in summer, where they eat a little pollen and nectar. Females lay batches of eggs secreted in cracks and crevices. Exterminated, as any other textile pests. 3,5 à 6,5 mm de longueur. At the abdomen, there are several bushes of longer hairs. Attagenus pellio. Similarly to many other house insects, the full cycle length of the two-spotted carpet beetle highly depends on ambient temperature and hygrometry and on the nutrient richness of the food larvae eat. When the larvae first hatch they are long and narrow and extremely small, less than 0.5 mm, When they are larger, they will wander around and may attack more than one object. datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas for this species.. 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