The tricks and strategies of the game help to have a sharper brain altogether. It is a high energy game that involves running and chasing. The runners play in the field, three at a time, and the team that takes the shortest time to touch all the opponents in the ground wins. The defenders or runners enter in the field in groups of three and need to make sure that they aren’t tagged by a chaser. At first, all the chasers sit in the middle of the field on their knees and in a zig-zag manner i.e. And there is one wooden pole each in the middle of these rectangles. the chaser must run in the same direction unless he chooses to touch either end pole and run in the opposite direction. The first committee framed the rules of the game back in 1914 from Gymkhana Baroda. The number of players is usually chosen between 8 to 12 where some of the top tournaments would be in need of more substitutes to Resume the game during accident or injuries from time to time. The game involves squatting, running, chasing and lots of physical activities to keep the body and mind fit. Kho Kho Rules: Kho Kho is one of the Highly popular and common games in most of the Indian rural locations for a long time now. Sports Magazine For Latest News & Updates – Live Scores. 2. The score of the completed turn should be counted. The name ‘. Histoire du jeu Kho Kho. Kho Kho is one of the two most popular traditional tag games in the Indian subcontinent, the other being Kabaddi. A match consists of two innings of chasing and defending turns, which is each of 9 minutes. They can keep running anywhere within the playing area but they are out once the chasing team tags them. Kho kho game is played between two teams and each team consists of 12 players each but at a time 9 players can be on the field. If a player is shown the red card, that player has to go out of the game and also cannot play the next game in that particular tournament. Most of the common, Cricket Australia’s CEO still taking huge salary despite firing 200 staffs, NBA: Denver Nuggets beat Lakers 114-106 in game 3 to trail 2-1 in WCF, Meet Shafali Verma: 15-Year-Old Prodigy, The Girl Who Started With Boy’s Haircut To Start Cricket Training, IPL 2020: Virat Kohli on the cusp of reaching another milestone ahead of MI clash, List of 10 Various Types of Martial Arts Forms around the Globe, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Announces Five T20Is As part of India’s Home series against England, ISL 2020-21: Mumbai City FC player Ahmed Jahouh Cautioned by AIFF Disciplinary Committee, Union Sports Minister assures BAI All Support to organise Yonex Sunrise India Open 2021, Montrezl Harrell: “Clippers did not want me back”, Premier League layout mandatory rules for fans return including no alcohol or singing, Bio-secure bubbles are like Luxury Prisons, says SA speedster Kagiso Rabada. It helps to stay fit physically like Badminton, Football and other games do. The shoulder line of an attacker indicates a direction but is changed later on. The central lane’s dimensions are 24 m x 30 cm. Welcome to an authentic, complete and surreal Kho Kho experience - Real Kho kho, Shillong Teer Result |, Cookies help us deliver our services. The ground of the Central Lane or other half is touched by any part of the body of an attacker, The NFL’s (Not) Handling of Pandemic Preparations Is Coming Back to Haunt Them, Why I Chose to Become a Knicks Fan — And Why I Constantly Cheat on Them, All In: High Times and Heartbreak on the Colorado Trail, The Most Valuable NBA Offensive Players During the Current 2019–2020 Season, Remembering Pat Summitt: My Unforgettable Experience, A Few Thoughts On The Kyrie Irving Interview Industry, Large open spaces (traditionally 27 meters by 15 meters). On the 13th day of the war, the Kaurava Guru Dronacharya planned the unique tactics Chakraviyu a special military defensive strategy breached by the expert warrior Abhimanyu. In this process, the chaser pounces on the active runner to touch him out. It is played by teams of 12 nominated players out of fifteen, of which nine enter the field who sit on their knees (chasing team), and 3 extra (defending team) who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team. The game of KHO KHO is one of the oldest traditional tag games of India. There are some kho kho rules given below:-. At the end of the central lane, the free zone tangent to the post-line, two smooth wooden posts are fixed, 120 cm – 125 cm high from the ground, and their circumference is 28.25 – 31.4 cms. Then they switch their roles after 9 minutes. The game is played between two teams and two innings … It is so popular that every single corner of the country plays this game. Each player requires following kho kho skills to contribute and win the game:–, A short description of kho kho skills are as follow:-. They have to continuously dodge and make sure that they are not touched by the opposing team members or the chasers. A play area needs to be made out of chalk or string. 9 players will take the field in the beginning to start the match and 3 defenders of opposite team try to avoid being touched by the chasers. Turning of shoulder line more than a right angle to the direction an attacker is going. Early getup: When the sitting chased gets up before proper getting Kho. Most of the teams in the country are now only went to play of the game while keeping 4 players as a substitute to replace depending on the requirement on a regular basis. Among the chasers, only one person can be an active chaser at a time. One team is the chaser and the other is the runner. I hope this article helped you to solve all your quires. Kho Kho has been a popular game for most of the people because it allows them to evaluate the Intelligence and body reflex in a good span of time. Central lane: Two parallel lines from one pole to other. 3. one special type of diving is Pole Diving. An active chaser has to start chasing from one of the poles. Breaks – There will be a break of 2 minutes or more for both the teams between the innings which can be taken in order to plan the next technique or strategy to gain more points and win the game in an easy way. First, ever national tournament of this game took place in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. They can only start their chase at the side of the pitch that they are facing to, and can only chase one at a time. However, it was popularised by Akhil Maharashtra Sharirak Shikshan Mandalay in the year 1928 when they organized its tournament. the game is originated somewhere and Maharashtra are known to have taken at first international level meet in Vijayawada in the early 20th century. Shillong Teer Result is an app by Teer Predictions. Kho kho is an Indian game of chase that began in the 20th century in Gymkhana Poona. A defender can run in between the sitting chasers but a chaser cannot. Attacker recedes. It is played by teams of 12 nominated players out of fifteen, of which nine enter the field who sit on their knees (chasing team), and 3 extra (defending team) who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team. Thus, when all the defenders are out, then another team of 3 defenders can enter the field and the whole cycle starts. It is highly recommended for every kid and adult to try Kho Kho at least once in their lifetime because it helps them to enjoy the actual fun of body reflex and guesswork in an effective way. So these championships bring a lot of awards and prizes to the people who shine in the game. Its roots are as old as epic Mahabharata, with plans and strategies likely derived from the epic itself. The publication date of the rules was 1924. Both carry a stopwatch and each of them is responsible for giving a decision on their opposite side of the field (because they can watch the gameplay in front of them more clearly than when it is on their same side).

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