I have bought silver and gold coins from 3 companies in the last 3 years. Moreover their representatives call regularly with sales pitches, again pushing European coins with a much higher markup than straight bullion coins. They have a 89% rating 5 stars. I thanked him for his time. I see that I’m not the only one that’s having this problem either. All products are presented without warranty. Whoever was responsible for selling these coins should be fired, they are incompetent! What are you serious? Because I have bought so much from them my shipping cost have been reduced which helps a lot. But after the second time I thought…ok, they’re still good, but a little unwilling to help post sale so maybe I’ll spread my purchases around. Now, the may offer good bullion prices, but I seriously doubt it. The Post Office is not very reliable when delivering Precious Metals. Second time was a little bit frustrating. For instance they have a number of First Spouse gold coins they want to sell. Apmex lost my order and Damon Stell ( my representative ) could not have cared less. I've since placed a number of additional orders from them. I said they’ve already burned the bridge with me - and that I don’t feel comfortable selling to them. Has anyone ever purchased from A-Mark? Apmex provides great customer service and ships quickly. A wire xfer from my bank was $8.00 too much and a hassle. First THEY select which coin out of a batch that you will be shipped. 1904 $20 gold Liberty NGC ms63Before calling APMEX, I researched NGC for their values. Well I will disagree with all the negative comments. But so far I have not had any bad dealing with apmex… Just sold some silver bullion to them this week. I bought 20 gold coins late 2012, at the time I placed the order I told the sales person that I had to have the coins by a certain date. $0.00 actually. Larry Ludwig was the founder and editor in chief of Investor Junkie. He then said, $22 BELOW spot for krugerrands. They ACH transfer to my bank account & I have money the following day.". I have been dealing with APMEX for over two years buying gold and silver, coins and buillion alike. They said their 3rd party processing company determined it was “fraud”. I know that is the APMEX policy, but in this case, I think this should be an exception. Whether you are attending prom for the first... We’re in this together! Phone rep was very helpful, USPS tried to deliver and held for me until I could pick up. APMEX ranks 10th among Gold sites. As Apmex is in OK City and 20 miles from my house they seemed a logical place to try.In a word, they are not a viable venue for selling your precious metals. Never had an issue. I was told once they received and processed the package I would get my refund. I have made purchases from Kitco and APMEX. Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. Read this review of APMEX before you get started when choosing your preferred company for buying and selling precious metals to prevent yourself from costly mistakes and regrets. Expected ship date of 3/22. As of this writing, Regal is charging 42.67 for Silver Eagles. All of the employees speak english. But to say that Apmex is not professional is just not the case. I've been stacking for years and I never really wanted to do business involving prescious metals online in the first place but if you do your due diligence and read Apmexs descriptions closely and don't shoot from the hip you can do just fine with them when the markets are in your favor. (Hard to beat, especially compared to companies like Goldline). Sad to see others who bought triple digits were burned. I NEVER received this from Apmex. They answered calls etc. They took so long to reply to each of my emails they played me where you cannot open a dispute over 30 days with ebay. A little too over the top to seem genuine in my opinion. 3) The coins were not graded which means that it will be a problem when I decide to sell them. They SOUND friendly, but are very unprofessional and provvide zero customer service. Mine have always arrived in good shape and in a timely fashion (2 days). The check was electronically cleared by APMEX. Added 2kg from another source, just had both tested at a local pawn referred by retail jewelry store owner. | Read 6,701-6,720 Reviews out of 7,673 | Read 4,101-4,120 Reviews out of 7,666 In my experience, APMEX is a quality company and I will continue to deal with them for the foreseeable future. The coin appeared to be in perfect condition, as expected, so I safely stored it away.About 3 months later I decided to view some of my coins more closely and took them from storage to do so. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For more information, please read our, APMEX Review – Buying Gold and Silver Online. I set out to sell 7 gold krugerrands and 2 austrian philharmonics. I was very pleased with the silver dollars I ordered. They are labled san francisco mint,however they have absolutely no mint mark on them. I was very scared toorder the bullion being a 1st time buyer. I imagine this is a strategy to make extra profit, because there is really no justification for it. It’s a marketing tactic that’s becoming more and more commonplace in blogs and comment sections. The Ultimate Coronavirus Consumer Resource Guide: Avoid Scams and Shop Smarter, We’re in this together!

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